The 3 Best Electrician Programs in Philadelphia

Are you considering a career as an electrician in Philadelphia? The good news is that you’re entering into a field that’s always in demand. An electrician school in Philadelphia will give you the tools you need to work on electrical systems throughout your entire career.

You have plenty of options in Philadelphia, and it’s easy to apply. Here are the top three programs to consider.

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1. Residential Electricity Certificate Program at Delaware Community College

First on our list is Delaware Community College’s (DCC) Residential Electrical, Certificate of Competency (ELT). This hands-on program prepares students to work as an electrician installing in new homes, as well as installing and maintenance in existing homes. 

This certificate is very short, with less than 30 credit hours required. This allows students to complete the certificate in a year. After this, they can find work as an electrician or as an apprentice.

2. Electrician Program at Pennco Tech

The Electrician Program at Pennco Tech is slightly longer than DCC’s, taking 27 weeks to complete at a normal pace. This program is more focused on preparing students for a job after completion than DCC’s, making it better for those who want more experience before starting their career as an electrician. 

The hands-on classes at Pennco also provide students with experience working with other electricians as a team. Lastly, Pennco offers one-on-one opportunities with experienced professionals.

3. Residential and Commercial Electricity Program at Orleans Technical College

Orleans Technical College (OTC) offers a Residential and Commercial Electricity Program that can be completed much faster than the previous two, in only six months. Some specific jobs students can apply for after completion of the program include electrical installers and troubleshooters, as well as maintenance and electrical assistants. 

Following completion, students are eligible to take exams to becomeNOCTI certified.

How Do I Choose the Right Program?

Now that you know about these electrical programs in Philadelphia, it’s time to pick where you want to enroll. You should consider many factors before choosing your school, but the most important include how long you want to be in school and what the class schedule will be like.

If you want the fastest program, go with OTC. If you are looking to gain more experience rather than speed, go with Pennco Tech. Make sure you know what you want out of the program and take both of these factors into consideration before making your decision.


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