Studying Electrical Technology at Pennsylvania College of Technology

Not only is Penn College a leading institute in its field, but it also offers students a rich campus experience. After completing a Pennsylvania College of Technology degree, students are well-equipped and hold the tools necessary to succeed in the industry. Let’s explore what the institution has to offer prospective electrical technology candidates. 

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About the Pennsylvania College Electrical Technology Program

Highly experienced lecturers and instructors will guide candidates through classes and mentor them while completing their Pennsylvania College of Technology degree. Students will learn about troubleshooting circuitry, programmable logic controller features, industrial electronics, electrical machinery, and more.

Students will benefit from learning in advanced laboratories and having access to equipment and tools that you will see when on the job. The campus boasts 8 specialized learning labs, small classes of a maximum of 17, and 100% placement. 

The program is also strong in equipping learners with real-world skills. The course helps students develop communications and collaborative skill sets and encourages them to broaden their knowledge by exploring history, the arts, and the sciences. 

Location and Campus Life

Pennsylvania is a terrific place for students to start exploring young adult life. The cost of living is relatively low, there are plenty of fun things to do and students will enjoy the exquisite cuisine options. The area is also rich in culture and diversity, making for deeper personal development. 

The college itself has some state-of-the-art student resident facilities, complete with: 

  • Laundry facilities 
  • Chill lounges
  • Study spaces with computers
  • Modern and clean communal kitchens and bathrooms
  • A gym space 
  • A campus convenience store franchise, Fuel 

There is the option of having a single or shared room in most houses. Plan on riding a bike? There’s also a designated space for bicycles that’s both safe and out of the weather. And, for those that want to get involved even further, there are several cultural and sports clubs on campus. This will help students make friends, connections, and develop life-long social networks and skills. 

Everything students need to live and study comfortably is provided by Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The Takeaway 

As you can see, there are several benefits to pursuing Pennsylvania College of Technology degrees. The program is advanced, the student residences are top-notch, and the area is an interesting cultural melting pot. Plus, students will have an enjoyable college experience here making it worthwhile. 


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