Electrical Training Options in Cincinnati 

Finding the right electrician school in Cincinnati, Ohio is integral to taking the next step in your career. However, you might be feeling a little lost about where to go. Listed below are three of our top picks for where to get the best electrical training, so you can take your career ambitions to the next level. Let’s jump in. 

Electrical Powerline Mechanic Program at Great Oaks Career College

In partnership with Warren Country Career Center, Great Oaks Career College offers an exciting training opportunity for students to become qualified Electrical Powerline Mechanics. 

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Throughout the program, you will be given an overview of how energy delivery operates on a national scale, in addition to all the practical skills necessary for your future position. This includes how to assemble key materials and tools, and the best way to shimmy up a utility pole. Essentially, this course prepares you for anything. 

Electrical Engineering Technology Major at Cincinnati State

Though not specifically an electrician school in Cincinnati, the Electrical Engineering Technology Major at Cincinnati State equips you with everything you could possibly need to excel in this field. Following graduation, students earn an Associate of Applied Science degree, certifying that they are qualified to kickstart their careers in the electricity industry. 

Possible employers after graduating include utility companies, consultation roles, and industrial organizations. You can also choose to continue your studies via the bachelor’s degree program, should you want to take your learning even further. 

IBEW-NECA Electrical Training Center

Over the course of five years, students on the Electrical Construction Program will earn a minimum of eight thousand hours of compensated  on-the-job training. This is in coordination with a minimum of nine hundred hours of classroom training. Essentially, once you’re finished, you’ll have more than enough experience to excel in your chosen career path with confidence. 

Your work placement will be established with one of 109 electrical contractors that the IBEW-NECA electrician school in Cincinnati is connected to. It is the perfect opportunity to practically apply everything you have learned in the classroom. 

Take the Next Step

No matter which specific part of the electrical construction industry you want to enter, there is an electrician school in Cincinnati out there for you. Each of the three courses we have recommended offers something slightly different, based on your personal career ambitions. All you need to do is figure out which speaks to you the most and then take the leap. Good luck!


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