Studying Electrical Engineering Technology at the University of Arkansas 

The University of Arkansas electrician program is considered one of the best in the country. With almost seven thousand students attending the institution as a whole each semester, this school offers also offers a large student body and esteemed faculty.

But what makes the program and university really stand out from other options?

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Here’s what you can expect from studying electrical engineering technology at the University of Arkansas. 

About the University of Arkansas

First founded in 1928, the University of Arkansas has a long history of excellence. The university prides itself on high-quality, affordable education where anyone with the ambition to succeed in their chosen career can do so. 

With an emphasis on transformational opportunities and skills, students have access to job placement centers, so they can get a head start on employment while enrolled. 

Overall, the university places a particular emphasis on workforce mobility. They want you to train in the field you love and excel in it too while also having the flexibility to perform multiple jobs. 

About the Course

The University of Arkansas electrician program is part of the College of Business and Industry, spearheading growth and innovation. The department is fully accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association, in addition to the Association of Technology, Management, and Applied Engineering. 

The course is designed for those who long for a fast-paced, continuously growing career with high demand. They prepare you for this through the instruction of highly qualified professionals that possess both industry and teaching experience. This allows them to convey their practical experiences in a way that is both easy to understand and applicable to your future working life. However, the program also places emphasis on one-to-one instruction.

All the facilities available to you on the University of Arkansas electrician program are state of the art and furnished to the highest quality, so you will get hands-on experience using some of the latest equipment.

Start Your New Student Life

The University of Arkansas electrician program has a lot to offer, with decades of experience behind it. From the moment you start the course, you will be guided by experts who have found their own success in their field until you can finally land your first interview after graduation. 

This is a university that supports you every step of the way – all you need to do is commit to the course. For other options for electrician training in Arkansas, see this page.


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