Best Electrician Training in Columbus, Ohio

Are you eager to find the best electrician school in Columbus, OH? Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can train to become a professional electrician or engineer in this city. However, you’re probably wondering what the top programs in Columbus are, so you can get the absolute best education.

Below are some of the highlights of the best electrician schools in Columbus, Ohio

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Power Lineman Training at Career and Tech Education Centers of Licking County

The Technical Education Centers of Licking County is considered a fine electrician school in Columbus. It offers an in-depth program for aspiring electricians and prepares students for a long career for hands-on fieldwork with power lines, maintenance and repair services.

Course Content

Some of the topics you can expect to cover and learn from the Power Lineman Training in the Education Centers include: 

  • Basic Maintenence
  • Electrical Operations
  • Underground and Overhead Distribution/Wiring
  • Pole Assembly and Climbing

Duration and Career Outlook

This program requires 900 hours total throughout the course, which roughly equates to about 10 months. After the completion of this program in this timeline, you will finish with multiple certifications including, but not limited to, Power D Lineman, CDL class A, and pole top rescue and be able to begin work as a powerline electrician

Electrical Apprentice Training from IEC Central Ohio

Through the electrical apprentice training at IEC Central Ohio, you will learn valuable trade skills from a professional already working in the field. As an apprentice, you will earn wages while learning skills on the job. 

Course Content

Throughout your apprenticeship at IEC, you will gain skills and knowledge including:

  • building wiring
  • blueprint reading
  • applied mathematics
  • installations
  • programming logic

Duration and Career Outlook 

The program at IEC takes 4 years, and you will learn from a combination of classroom-style teaching as well as on-the-job learning with a professional electrician as your mentor. You will finish the program with qualifications that will allow you to enter the workforce as a professional electrical journeyman.  

Electrical Engineering Tech Program at Central Ohio Technical College

At Ohio Technical College, you can earn an associates degree in electrical engineering, which will allow you to begin a career with electrical sciences in the field of application or development. 

Course Content

Some of the required courses in this AA degree program include:

  • computer graphics
  • circuitry
  • electric motors and generators
  • IT project management
  • digital electronics

Duration Career Outlook 

This degree-granting program requires 62 credit hours for graduation, or two years of school as a full-time student. If you choose to become a part-time student, the program will take longer. 

The associate’s degree you earn through this program will prepare you and qualify you for a career in the field of electrical engineering. You will be qualified to work hands-on as an electrician or choose a focus on computer science development and electrical research.

Which Program Will You Choose?

All three programs mentioned above are fantastic options if you want to pursue a career in electrical engineering or electrical repair and installation. However, you will want to choose which electrician school in Columbus you attend based on the amount of time you need to become certified.


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