Electrical Technology Diploma Programs in Minneapolis

When choosing where to study to become an electrician, the choice lies in what your career endgame is. Some schools suit consistent, reliable work. Some schools suit high-flyers with a maverick edge. In any case, you need to research the best electrical technology diploma program in Minneapolis, Minnesota. That’s where we come in: check out our guide.

St. Paul Electrical Technology Diploma Program

St. Paul Community College has existed for over 100 years and has been ranked highly among national community colleges. Its programs are intensive and designed to help its students find gainful employment after graduation.

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What Will I Learn?

Key skills you’ll learn include:

  • National, state & local safety codes: coming to understand regulations, why they matter, and how to comply with them.
  • Practical skills: the course focuses heavily on practical application. This means you’ll need to be comfortable in the types of spaces that an electrician would typically be required to operate in, such as in enclosed spaces or at a height.
  • Electrical theory: you’ll learn about the fundamentals of what makes electrical current work and what can damage or impede it. The school will help you apply this knowledge in practical applications.

What Are My Prospects?

St. Paul prides itself on delivering excellent graduate prospects for its students. For more information about how the college supports students after graduation, you can get in touch with them here.

Anoka Technical College Construction Electrician Program

Anoka Technical College is located just off Highway 10 and is an accessible, high-performing place to learn advanced skills that will benefit you as a professional electrician.

What Will I Learn?

Skills you’ll learn on this program include:

  • Designing and installing residential circuits to NEC standards.
  • Designing and installing commercial circuits to NEC standards.
  • Control operations.
  • Circuit maintenance and troubleshooting.

Sound straightforward? That’s the goal at Anoka. It aims to offer comprehensive and useful electrical training to everyone.

What Are My Prospects?

  • 82-credit program: this program affords you 82 college credits which can be transferred to many colleges nationwide if you choose a more technical discipline. For this reason, Anoka is an excellent starting point.
  • Superb salary. The BLS estimates that the average salary for a professional in this field is around $57,000. It also projects strong job growth of 9% in this field.

Which Electrical Technology Diploma Should I Choose in Minneapolis?

Both schools offer superb programs with unique benefits. The best course of action is to decide what you want before applying and make your choice accordingly.


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