How to Become a Lineman in Texas

A lineman, or someone who works for an electrical company, is a lucrative job in Texas. The state is unique when it comes to electricity and power since it operates on its electrical grid completely separate from the rest of the country. That doesn’t mean that output is small, however. Texas produces almost a third of wind electricity in the United States, so it is home to a booming industry. 

Have you ever asked yourself how to become a lineman in Texas? Below, we’ll discuss what you need to do to enjoy this lifelong career in Texas.

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Get Your Degree

The first step when considering how to become a lineman in Texas is to get your degree. Many institutions offer this as a certificate program. While this step isn’t necessary to become a lineman, it does give you an advantage over others who haven’t received formal education. 

These institutions offer great programs to help you get a certificate:

  • Texas A&M Service Lineman Academy
  • Southwest Texas Junior College Lineman Training
  • South Plains College Lineman Program

Enroll in an Apprenticeship 

For this job, an apprenticeship operates on an “earn while you learn” model. Many of these are designed and run by the same institutions, with the certificate portion considered as a pre-apprenticeship program. 

For example, if you choose to attend the Southwest Texas Junior College Lineman Training program, the next logical step would be to take part in the Southwestern Apprenticeship Program. 

Get Your License 

In Texas, anyone who performs electrical work needs to have a Journeyman Lineman License. To apply, you need to verify that you’ve completed at least 7,000 hours of training in an apprenticeship program that is approved by the Department of Labor. Your supervisor will need to fill out a verification form that is part of the license application to verify this. 

Apply for a Position 

Finally, the last step is to apply for a position! It’s also common for apprenticeships to lead to permanent positions, so many workers find employment through the connections they already have. 

Final Thoughts

If you live in Texas and are interested in electrical work, becoming a lineman is a great choice. Texas is uniquely suited for this work with the large population, unique power grid, and the number of programs available for aspiring lineman. 

All you need to do is get a certificate, enroll in an apprenticeship, get your license, and apply for a job. Linemen get paid well and the demand is there, so what are you waiting for?


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