Best Electrical Degree Programs in Minneapolis

Choosing the best accredited electrical school in Minneapolis can be difficult. Here we provide clarity on which electrical program in Minneapolis is best for your needs.

Dakota County Technical College: Electrical Construction & Maintenance Technology Program

The Dakota County technical program is, well, technical. It provides a thorough grounding in electrical practices, hazards, and knowledge that is relevant to any expert technician.

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What Will I Learn?

Subjects you’re likely to cover on this program include:

  • D. C. and A. C. Lab Theory — think you know your A.C. from your D.C.? Think again. This lab course will give you a full theoretical understanding of these two fundamental principles of electronics. You’ll also participate in practical work to augment your understand of how these systems work.
  • NEC Best Practices: you’ll learn the best practices for operating in the framework of the NEC and what NEC regulations mean. You’ll discover why they’re so important for the industry.
  • Mathematical skills. Math skills are already an advantage going into these positions. Gaining extra knowledge is never a bad thing. This course will equip you with mathematical knowledge that underpins so much of our electronic system and will enable you to progress with your career.

Dunwoody College of Technology: Electrical Construction & Maintenance Program 

The Dunwoody College of Technology seeks to help graduates find the career path that is most relevant to them before graduation. Being able to decide this career path early on — i.e. when you apply to Dunwoody College — is incredibly useful when deciding which (if any) higher education partners you’d like to move onto.

Dunwoody College is an example of a college that takes only the best and teaches only the best. Its syllabus is based on practical knowledge, and it trains individuals who want to learn electrical theory and practical skills but also identifies people who have an affinity with electrical management.

What Will I Learn?

Dunwoody College helps its students with practical applications by offering training on solar and wind farms as well as in traditional electrical settings. It provides a hands-on experience that can’t be matched by many other schools and is a core reason why graduates of Dunwoody speak highly of the college. Well, that and its 78% program placement rate.

Which Electrical School Should I Go To In Minneapolis?

What is the best electrical school in Minneapolis? It depends on your preferences and career choice.

Dunwoody College provides a superb experience and is a great choice if you’re looking for a quick and secure career. However, Dakota County Technical is also a tremendous source of information rated highly in the Minneapolis area and Minnesota in general. While you can’t go wrong with either college, the choice is up to you!


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