What’s the Best Utility Knife for an Electrician in 2022?

Utility Knife For Electrician Review

You can ask any electrician to name one tool that compulsorily should be in their toolbox, and you will always hear ‘utility knife’ in unison.

When electricians work, they need to have a handy device that can help them open the packaging, cut the wires, and score the surfaces.

#1OLFA 1072198 LA-X Utility Knife ReviewOLFA 1072198 LA-X Utility Knife9.7/10Check Price
#2OLFA 9150US SAC-1 KnifeOLFA 9150US SAC-1 Knife9.6/10Check Price
#3Kobalt Utility Knife ReviewKobalt Utility Knife9.5/10Check Price
#4Stanley Twin Blade 10-789 6-7 Knife ReviewStanley Twin Blade 10-789 6-7 Knife9.3/10Check Price
#5LENOX Tools Utility Knife ReviewLENOX Tools Utility Knife9.2/10Check Price

These knives are extremely common and downright necessary to people in the electrical trade.

As electricians have a plethora of jobs and tasks to handle, these blades come with the comfort of reattaching and discarding the blunt blade, so they do not have to sharpen the blade every month.

These knives are built sturdy and do not break easily because of their quality. These economical tools come in various sizes, styles, and grip options. Let us look at this best utility pocket knife list to learn more about each knife.

Winner: OLFA 1072198 LA-X Utility Knife

OLFA 1072198 LA-X Utility Knife Review

Our winner for the best utility knife is OLFA 1072198 LA-X Utility Knife. This durable knife comes packed with features that elevate it from the regular standard knives. Let us look at some of its pros, drawbacks, and buying advice to understand its specs better.

  • Manufacturer: Olfa
  • Handle material: Rubber
  • Blade material: Steel
  • Size: 1 x 3.8 x 8.8 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 ounces


  • OLFA 1072198 LA-X Utility Knife comes with a bright colored shell for easy identification. The bright color pops out even when buried under other tools. It becomes relatively easy to remove the knife without rummaging through the box.
  • The knife has an anti-slip utility grip handle. You are 100% safe from cuts as the rubber handle provides a solid grip. The heavy reinforced materials make sure to keep your hands safe even while cutting or scoring heavy surfaces.
  • The sturdy handle comes with a chemical-resistant handle. Chemicals like acetone are widely infamous for ruining all kinds of materials, but this feature keeps the handle safe and in pristine condition.
  • The automatic blade lock provides an excellent locking mechanism to keep the blade intact in one place. You can forget worrying about the blade slipping from its housing.
  • This utility knife comes with a metal pick for opening cans and removing switch plates. The can opener is perfect for prying open any metal can or box without the hassle of carrying any extra tool.
  • The knife comes with an LBB Ultraman blade five times sharper than any regular blade. Each blade will give a crisp cutting experience even after months of use.
  • The blades come as a snap set, so you can forget about the hassle of changing the blades. If the blade rusts or gets blunt, you can easily snap the blade within seconds to have a new sharp blade at your disposal.
  • It is the best utility knife for drywall, leather, insulation panel, drywall, wires, meter boxes, and much more. Thanks to its quality blades that are extremely powerful, durable, and long-lasting


  • The product doesn’t have any mechanism to snap the blades quickly. Snapping with bare fingers might put your hands at risk. A tiny device or mechanism would have made this product even more consumer-friendly.
  • The pry tool protruding at the back causes trouble to hold. It becomes slightly uncomfortable to cut and open items of extra thickness because of the feature. It sticks out and hinders swift movements.
  • This utility knife doesn’t have any extra dedicated space in its body to store additional blades/ refills.

Extra Features

The unique tool for prying open is the main highlight of this product. This extra feature comes in handy for those little yet significant opening and removing tasks.

Buying Advice

We highly recommend buying this knife if you wish to own a reliable and sharp utility knife in your tool kit. The rubber grip is perfect for people who sweat a lot in summer. Always make sure to retract the blades before tossing them in the bag.

Runner-up: OLFA 9150US SAC-1 Knife

OLFA 9150US SAC-1 Knife

OLFA 9150US SAC-1 Knife is the runner-up of our best pocket utility knife list. The entire design of this shiny model is ideal for cutting rough and uneven surfaces.

If you like lightweight products, behold, this might be your next favorite tool. Let us look at its features and buying advice to understand this product in its entirety.

  • Manufacturer: World Kitchen – Home Improvement best utility knife blades
  • Handle material: Steel
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel, High Carbon Tool Steel
  • Size: 3.1 x 0.5 x 8.6 inches
  • Weight: 0.704 ounces


  • This utility knife houses an OLFA A1160B carbon blade which is extremely sharp and long-lasting in terms of quality.
  • This knife is handy and works excellent for cutting wires and using it for other hobbies or general crafts.
  • Knives always come with the hassle of sharpening after several uses, but with the OLFA 9150US SAC-1 Knife, you can easily snap the used blunt blade. This style of knife is beneficial for people who are always on the move. With this product, a sharp edge is just one snap away!
  • This model has a built-in easy blade snapper clip for a safe and convenient change of blades. Your hands will stay away from the blades as the in-built mechanism quickly snaps the edge without applying any pressure.
  • The knife has seven individual blades in a single strip. You can snap this knife seven times to get the desired sharp edge for cutting. The long blades make it possible to use one single strip for years at a stretch. You are saving big on buying separate blades.
  • The smooth and sleek design works harmoniously with your tool kit. This knife is a perfect addition to the tool kits that fathom have extra space for tools. You can easily fit this utility knife in any corner of the tool kit.
  • An added auto-lock feature keeps the device’s blades in one place, so it becomes easy for you to cut the objects without the blade snapping or coming out.
  • The blade has a 30⁰ angle so that you can score or cut a spot precisely. The extra angled tip lets you get to hard-reaching crevices with ease. You get to see where you are slicing or cutting as the blade moves.
  • The straight design is a sound fit for left or right-handed people.


Unfortunately, the sleek design has its drawbacks. The tool isn’t very comfortable for holding and working long hours. Your hands are bound to get tired as there isn’t any specific handle mold to guide your hand.

Extra Features

The extra lightweight feature of this tool is the most incredible additional feature. Most knives tend to be bulky and heavy, making them hard to carry around, but this ultra-light utility knife is perfect for people who do not like extra weight on their toolbelt.

Buying Advice

If you wish to own a lightweight and minimalist knife, say hello to your new tool. The sleek look and body will gel well with your tool kit.

Alternative: Kobalt Utility Knife

Kobalt Utility Knife Review

Our first alternative on the list is Kobalt Utility Knife. The brand itself is easy to recognize because of the color-coding; they add the color blue in all their tools and devices.

Apart from the color, this knife has pretty exciting features. Let us look at some of the features and drawbacks to understand the product even better.

  • Manufacturer: Kobalt
  • Handle material: Aluminum
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 9 x 3.5 x 0.5 inches
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces


  • Kobalt Utility Knife has an innovative foldable lock-back feature as its primary design. This foldable feature makes the knife easy to carry while taking up less space. The knife provides ultra safety during transit as the blades are always folded inside. Upon folding, the entire tool becomes extremely small, so it can even fit in one of your pant pockets.
  • The knives’ quick-change mechanism provides an easy blade switch, making this product even more user-friendly.
  • The blade comes with a high-quality aviation-grade aluminum handle. The metal provides extreme durability for years. You can easily use this knife for heavy-duty construction work.
  • This knife comes with 11 blades in total. One blade comes pre-installed, while the other ten comes in safety dispensers.
  • The product is robust, meaning you can use this even for extremely tough jobs on your worksite. The features truly make this the best utility knife available in the market.


  • The knife works exceptionally well, but it is tough to push and close the device once it is open. The closing action requires you to push with both hands, and sometimes your fingers get in the way of closing it.
  • The blade wobbles from the housing, making people nervous while cutting for intricate jobs.
  • The tool doesn’t carry extra blades in the knives’ body, affecting its functionality. Few people like the idea of having spare blades in case of emergency, but they might need to carry an extra case separately. This knife is the best folding box cutter available on the market.

Extra Features

Your kids are safe as the tool has a child lock feature. The challenging opening of the device makes it impossible for your ward to open the knife. The foldable design keeps the blades inside, so you can very easily keep this knife near them without the fear of them getting hurt.

Buying Advice

You should purchase this utility knife if you’ve always wished for a foldable knife in your tool kit. This knife works excellent in cutting and tearing, but you might have trouble opening it with one hand.

Alternative: Stanley Twin Blade 10-789 6-7 Knife

Stanley Twin Blade 10-789 6-7 Knife Review

Our second choice for the alternative list is the Stanley Twin Blade 10-789 6-7 Knife. This knife is a great tool to have around the house, office, or worksite. Let us look at its features and benefits to understand this twin-blade knife.

  • Manufacturer: Stanley Consumer Tools
  • Handle material: Rubber
  • Blade material: Iron
  • Size: 3.2 x 9.5 x 1.9 inches
  • Weight: 3.17 ounces


  • Stanley Twin Blade 10-789 6-7 Knife is an excellent tool if your job profile needs more than one blade type. The twin design gives you the ability to simultaneously alternate between two blade structures, all while carrying one knife.
  • Their Instant Change® feature allows its users to replace the dull or rusted blades instantly. You can pull the buttoned lever and slide the blade right off, slide it back in and look out for the safety click noise before using the knife.
  • This knife’s easy access blade storage can hold up to 9 blades for emergency and quick use. If you notice any rust or blunt blade, you can easily switch the blades from the storage cubby.
  • The interlocking blade slider locks the other blade while using one, giving you the desired extra safety net while working.
  • Their sturdy rubber comfort grip minimizes fatigue and gives an excellent grip. The knife won’t slip from your hands even if you apply high pressure.
  • The tool accepts any standard blade, and you do not need extra blades exclusively from their company.
  • The retractable design keeps your hands safe after using the product. We consider this as the best retractable utility knife because of its features.
  • An added belt holder loop makes it extremely easy to carry around. You can quickly attach this knife to your belt with a carabiner.


Few customers have noticed that the blade storage is highly complicated to open. They have to spend a lot of time manually opening the compartment.

Extra Features

You can efficiently operate this device with one hand. Most of the retractable knives are hard to open, so it becomes necessary to use your other hand, but with its easy slider, you can swiftly access the blades with just one hand.

Buying Advice

If you need a knife that houses two blades, consider buying this product without thinking twice. The tool can be a bit on the heavier side but balances itself in the look and feel department. It is exceptionally ergonomic to hold. The smooth slider will make this knife your new favorite tool without any doubt.

Alternative: LENOX Tools Utility Knife

LENOX Tools Utility Knife Review

If you need a knife that houses two blades, consider buying this product without thinking twice. The tool can be a bit on the heavier side but balances itself in the look and feel department. It is exceptionally ergonomic to hold. The smooth slider will make this knife your new favorite tool without any doubt.

LENOX Tools Utility Knife is our last alternative knife model for this list. This while plus gold retractable knife looks great and works flawlessly while cutting solid materials. Let us look at some of the cons, benefits, and buying advice before purchasing this product.

  • Manufacturer: LENOX
  • Handle material: Metal
  • Blade material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: 4 x 1 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces


  • This stylish design houses an ultra-sharp and robust blade made out of stainless steel.
  • Their quick blade release action allows you to rotate and change the blade very quickly and easily.
  • The product includes three durable, shatterproof titanium-edged steel blades. The unique titanium coating reduces friction and the tool’s wear resistance.
  • The knife’s body can store up to 5 blades for a quick, blade-changing job.
  • The glossy paint doesn’t slip at all. It does provide good hold and a decent grip on the entire knife.


  • The blades tend to come out under tension. Beware if your job requires cutting heavy materials; the blades can easily slip and come out of the shell.
  • Few of the customers weren’t particularly thrilled with the weight of this product. They find this knife on a bulkier side.
  • The white body gets dirty very quickly compared to other colors and materials. As the body is metal, constant use strips away the paint very quickly.

Extra Features

We couldn’t find any extra feature that spoke to us or shined through the product.

Buying Advice

This knife is ideal for people who wish to own a retractable knife for a single blade. Before purchasing, remember that the tool needs genuine Lenox blades as the machine is compatible with four notches at the top, which is exclusively available with Lenox.

Utility Knife Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the safest utility knife?

safest utility knife

Utility knives come in all sizes and shapes; their primary function is to cut hard objects smoothly. These utility knives have various control and loading options, but the safest to use is a spring-loaded self-retracting utility knife. We recommend using a good pair of work gloves to avoid cuts.

These types of knives reduce minor or significant work accidents as the blade stays intact in the casing. The blades do not come out even after being tossed around the tool bag. These retracting knives even have storage options to store new blades.

They are a little chubbier than a regular utility knife, but the shape usually feels comfortable to hold the product. Extra rubberized coatings should always be kept as a first choice. We highly recommend that electricians buy this product for their safety.

What is the difference between a box cutter and a utility knife?

The utility knife comes under the spectrum of the knife in general. These utility knives are mainly used for robust work and usually have a sharp slanted tip with a handle. All construction and electrical workers use these knives.

There is zero difference between these two blades, the name box cutter and utility knife are also used interchangeably by people. The only significant point is that a box cutter is a type of knife that comes under the utility knife’s umbrella. These knives are also called X-Acto and Stanley knives in and around the world.

Do you cut towards your body or away?

You should always cut away from the body, as cutting the body is just a shortcut for inviting injuries. You should always avoid cutting it towards your hand, too, as doing so will reduce your chances of getting hand injuries.

Apart from this, you should avoid keeping the workpiece on your lap or palm, a firm and stable surface is highly advised. We recommend wearing glasses as, most of the time, these blades snap off and fly unexpectedly, so having eye protection would surely save your life.

Avoid using blunt edges as you will need to apply more pressure to get a decent cut which highly increases the risk of harming yourself.

What is a utility knife good for?

utility knife

There is no cutting job that a utility knife cannot do. These knives are perfect for heavy-duty jobs, and thus people from the construction and electric industry prefer these over other blades and knives.

These knives can easily cut wire insulation, rubber, electrician’s tape, meter boxes, tiny chips, and other thin devices. These knives even work well for opening corrugated cardboard boxes and wood shingles. These utility knives are perfect for skinning wires too.

Most people have excellent success scoring and cutting linoleum tiles with these knives. They can bite through zip ties with ease. The best part is the durability; these utility knives are very long-lasting.

There is nothing that a utility or box cutter knife cannot chew through, be it hard, soft, flexible, or thick. They even come with storage space to store additional blades. Therefore, having a good quality electrician knife is essential among professionals.


We hope our reviews on these utility knives were helpful, as choosing one from the pool of hundreds can be a daunting task.

The knives we mentioned in this article are perfect for day-to-day activities, and the companies promise to manufacture these products with only quality materials. However, to get the most out of your purchase, you should follow few tips to increase knives’ lives.

Always keep the blades inside the casing to avoid accidents, carry extra blades in the knife or purchase a plastic container. Many electricians store them in tissue or newspaper, but it is extremely dangerous and reduces the blades’ sharpness.

Consider manually drying the blades to avoid rusting if you use these knives to open liquids or water. Change the edges if you see rust spots, as using a rusted blade affects the cutting quality. Dispose of the old blades in a safe space.