What are the Best Electrical Work Gloves in 2022?

Work Gloves For Electrician Review

Gloves are a specific tool that should never be left behind while packing your electrician’s tool kit.

As electricians do manual work with their hands, it becomes crucial that they are protected from all work-related dangers.

As working in the electronic field is not easy, they have to be very alert while working; a simple shock can cause harmful after effects.

#1Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves ReviewMaxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves9.7/10Check Price
#2Mechanix Wear The Original Work Gloves ReviewMechanix Wear - The Original Work Gloves9.5/10Check Price
#3Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves ReviewKlein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves9.2/10Check Price
#4NoCry Cut Resistant Glove ReviewNoCry Cut Resistant Glove9.0/10Check Price
#5Electricians Gloves Klein Tools 40072 ReviewElectricians Gloves Klein Tools 400728.9/10Check Price

To tackle and be safe, wearing the right kind of gloves is crucial; these gloves should feel like a second skin layer and not some heavy burlap wrapped around the hands.

Our research focused on such minor details, and the result is a set of mini-reviews about five of the best heavy-duty work gloves available on the market.

Winner: Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves

Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves Review

Our winner for the best safety gloves for electrical work is Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves. These gloves have an excellent performance history and will keep you safe while working the most dangerous jobs. Let us look at this glove’s benefits, drawbacks, and buying advice to get a full view of its specs.

  • Manufacturer: Protective Industrial Products (PIP)
  • Material: Micro-Foam Nitrile coating
  • Color: Grey
  • Cut proof: Yes (Minor)
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


  • Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves have a microfoam nitrate coating compatible with oils and will provide excellent abrasion resistance. The gloves can provide the most robust grip of all the gloves mentioned on this list, making them the best work gloves for electricians.
  • The company offers these gloves in wide sizes, starting from an S to XXXL. Any hand size can fit through these gloves with ease.
  • The product promises to be 100% silicon-free. The 100% silicon formula is perfect for people with highly sensitive skin. You won’t notice any scars and scratches on the hands even after wearing them for an entire day.
  • The knit wrist helps in forming a protective layer around the wrist. The design prevents debris and dirt from entering inside the glove. Your hands will surely stay clean even if you are handling dirty, rusty, and contaminated equipment.
  • The glove has a 360⁰ breathability, which helps keep your hands’ temperature cool. The breathable material will ensure that your hands stay well ventilated and don’t feel suffocated even during the hottest days.
  • These gloves are 25% thinner than any standard foam nitrile gloves and are more robust, sturdier, and effective than most of the gloves of this quality.
  • The brand took efforts in designing a product that reduced hand fatigue. The unique rounded
  • and smooth fingertips increase the comfort level. Most gloves have a seam line that interrupts the product’s dexterity, but with these rounded fingertips, you can work with the smallest tool without any issue.
  • The gloves’ micro- cup finish and knit technology allow you to have a controlled grip while working on the field.
  • The OEKO-TEX association has proudly certified this product as completely skin safe from the moment it comes in contact with the skin.


  • The gloves aren’t fully waterproof, the top stays dry and repels water, but the glove’s underside, especially the palm area, gets wet even with the slightest drop of water. These are not suitable for people who work near water or liquid sites.
  • The gloves do not have the smoothest touchscreen compatibility system. You can have an 80% success rate on a device without a scratch guard.

Extra Features

These Maxiflex 34-874 Ultimate Gloves come laundered before the final packaging. This added safety precaution makes this product more sterile, clean, and completely safe to use straight out the box. Such extra features make their customers happy as the brands took extra efforts to serve the best quality product.

Buying Advice

These are the best gloves you can purchase if your number one concern is dexterity. You can work any type of job with these super smooth and lightweight gloves. These gloves would last an excellent three-week mark if your work includes standard electrical chores.

Runner-up: Mechanix Wear – The Original Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear The Original Work Gloves Review

Mechanix Wear: The Original Work Gloves are our runner-ups on this list of best work gloves. This model has been in the industry for 30 years and faithfully serves its loyal customer base till today. Let us look at its pros, cons, and buying advice to help you decide whether buying these gloves is a good decision or not.

  • Manufacturer: Mechanix Wear
  • Material: Synthetic Leather
  • Color: Black
  • Cut proof: Yes (Minor)
  • Weight: 3.04 ounces


  • These work gloves are made out of synthetic leather to provide comfort like a synthetic fabric while having the durability of a leather glove.
  • These electrician gloves have a form-fitting TrekDry technology to keep your hands comfortable and cool in all seasons.
  • Their Flexible Thermal Plastic Rubber (TPR) closure provides an excellent fit to the wrist portion of your hands. The added closure belt works perfectly to keep the gloves secured in one place. You can decide the tightness and wrap the glove band accordingly.
  • The glove uses an industrial-grade hook and loop to increase the durability of these work gloves. The velcro strap won’t deteriorate or disintegrate even after constant use.
  • The seamless synthetic leather palm provides world-class dexterity. You can effortlessly hold and work all types of metals, instruments, and wires with these gloves.
  • The product is machine washable, reducing the hassle of hand washing the gloves. You can plop these for a spin cycle at the end of the day and have a clean pair of gloves within an hour.
  • The carbon-infused tips make it possible to use your touchscreen devices with ease. You can forget about the inconvenience of removing and wearing a glove just to use your cellular device.
  • The product comes in six festive and bright hues to add a splash of color to your tool bag.
  • These gloves protect heavy and sharp metal objects, so your hands stay safe while working on the field. Both the upper and lower side is built to protect from uninviting cuts and scratches making this one of the best safety gloves for electrical work.


  • Few people found the branding to be obnoxious. Their name is embossed all over the glove, which isn’t the most flattering. However, they do have covert gloves for a lighter branding, but they charge extra than this model.
  • The gloves are very susceptible to holes. The inner lining of the palm and finger isn’t the sturdiest, as the fingertips get ruptured within a week or two.

Extra Features

The covert design option is undoubtedly an extra feature adding to the favourability of this product. The company pays attention to its customers’ grievances and comes up with alternative solutions.

Buying Advice

We recommend these gloves for light to medium work. Most electricians love this model, and the features line up well with their work demands. They are not waterproof, so these pairs can only give superior functionality in dry areas.

Alternative: Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves

Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves Review

Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves are our first alternative gloves on the list. Its impressive features make this one of the best leather work gloves you can own. Let us look at its benefits and cons to have a complete insight into these gloves.

  • Manufacturer: Klein Tools
  • Material: Leather
  • Color: Brown
  • Cut proof: Yes (Minor)
  • Weight: 1.6 ounces


  • Klein Tools Journeyman Leather Utility Gloves are the most comfortable and adequately padded leather gloves for electrical work. You can expect unmatched comfort while wearing it for a full day.
  • These durable gloves have an open cuff design; the design allows you to quickly slide on and off without wasting any time adjusting the loop. These gloves stay fit with an elasticized smocked ending for keeping them secure in place.
  • The Dura- Hide palm and fingers helps to get dexterity and a solid grip. The soft texture works as a second skin.
  • The stretch back provides flexibility and comfort, so wearing these leather gloves doesn’t feel like a task.
  • These work gloves are not as heavy and bulky as other leather gloves in the industry. They are ultra-lightweight and easy to carry around the work complex.
  • The glove works excellent to protect you from outside elements like handling glass, wires, and other potentially dangerous items.
  • The detail of the leather pointer finger and middle finger having a slit gap in the knuckles provides extreme agility while bending your hands. Your finger will never feel restricted while wearing these gloves.


These leather gloves are not flame retardant; you need to be extra cautious around a fire when wearing these gloves.

Extra Features

The product is huge and truly fits big hands. Most of the gloves that market this size have small and tight-fitting gloves, but these are genuinely big and comfortable.

Buying Advice

These leather work gloves are perfect if you work in a cold climate. You can stock up these as your trusty winter gloves. Electricians do not have to worry about getting zapped while wearing these gloves. They will surely provide extra protection.

Alternative: NoCry Cut Resistant Glove

NoCry Cut Resistant Glove Review

These revolutionary NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves are a perfect choice for electricians who want comfort and protection both in one product. The unique features make these the best gloves for electrical work. Let us understand this product’s characteristics and cons to help you understand this product even better.

  • Manufacturer: NoCry
  • Material: Polyethylene, Spandex, Fiberglass
  • Color: Grey
  • Cut proof: Yes
  • Weight: 1.39 ounces


  • This NoCry Cut Resistant Glove gives you EN388 level 5 cut resistance. They are ultra-durable and four times stronger than standard leather gloves. You can efficiently work with sharp objects and tools without worrying about cutting yourself.
  • These gloves are ambidextrous, so that you can wear any pair on any hand. If there is an emergency, these gloves allow two people to wear one-one pair of gloves on their dominant hand.
  • The quality is sturdy and gives an excellent grip. These gloves stick to your hand and mold as per your finger’s shape. Along with molding to your hand, they provide extreme comfort.
  • These cut-resistant gloves are safe on your skin. People with the most sensitive skin can quickly wear and work long hours without allergic reactions.
  • Apart from being the best working outdoor gloves, these are comfortable and functional in the kitchen. These gloves are 100% food-safe, so you can plan to buy an extra pair for shucking oysters, dicing vegetables, and even cutting meat. A pair of these would surely make your kitchen safer than before!
  • The gloves are machine washable; you can put them on a cool setting with a mild detergent for cleaning them through and through. Make sure to air dry them to avoid shrinkage.
  • You can use these gloves for stripping copper wire, checking circuits, maintaining and installing wiring systems, and much more. These outstanding features make this product the best heavy-duty work gloves that you can put your hands on.
  • The unique combination of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene and glass fiber makes these gloves light and flexible beyond imagination. This glove truly is a glove-of-all-trades as marketed by the company.


  • Few customers have noticed that their customer support system is not the most proactive as they market it. Most of their complaints go unnoticed by the department.
  • Once washed, the product takes a considerable amount of time to dry. Since you cannot put the product in your dryer, you need to wait for a long time to let it air dry. Using it a little wet is purely uncomfortable and causes the product to stink.
  • These gloves tend to unravel from the fingertips after a few uses. Most users cannot do much as fixing it will ruin the smooth surface or caused a hole in the fabric.

Extra Features

The company offers a 30-day return or refund warranty for its customers who are unhappy or unsatisfied with the purchase.

Buying Advice

We highly recommend buying this glove if you like the feel and comfort of a mitten. These gloves will protect you from cutting yourself but do not force any sharp object or jab something to test the product as doing so would put your hand at risk, and the object will surely cut through!

Alternative: Electricians Gloves Klein Tools 40072

Electricians Gloves Klein Tools 40072 Review

Electricians Gloves Klein Tools 40072 is our last alternative from our list. These gloves work fine if you have a job that requires light to medium work. Let us look at these gloves’ benefits, drawbacks, and buying advice to understand this product.

  • Manufacturer: North Coast Electric
  • Material: TPB, synthetic leather, neoprene
  • Color: Black
  • Cut proof: Yes (Minor)
  • Weight: 4.2 ounces


  • These 40072 Electricians Gloves are made out of 50% TPB, 30% synthetic leather, and 20% neoprene. These material ratios work magically to provide a durable product exclusive to electricians.
  • The extra palm and finger material provides ample slip resistance and padding while pulling cables and wires.
  • These gloves fashion an extended cuff for quicker and easier wearability. The pair slips right on without adjusting or forcing the gloves to fit. You are safe and ready to work within seconds.
  • These gloves have a wrapped index, and middle finger for more durability as these are the most exposed areas while working.
  • The reinforced thumb base adds protection and grip, which undeniably helps carry heavy things.
  • The spandex material is super breathable and comfortable for everyday use. Your hands are bound to stay dry, fresh, and not tired because of the extra padding. These are the best heavy-duty work gloves that you can find under such a celebrated brand.


  • These gloves do not exclusively protect you from working with live wire and ARC Flash work.
  • The gloves are incredibly stiff when they are new. The break-in process happens a little late, so you will have to get used to the stiff fabric in the meanwhile.
  • They run a little small within the size. Most customers have a tight fit even when the product mentions having the size L.

Extra Features

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any extra feature that spoke to us. The product is pretty standard in terms of additional features.

Buying Advice

You can consider buying these as a pair of extra gloves in your toolbox. These work impressive as a summer or spring glove because of their light, breathable material. If you are an electrician who does light jobs that don’t require 100% high voltage shockproof gloves, we recommend buying these decently made gloves.

Work Gloves Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What are work gloves used for?

what are they used for?

Work gloves are an essential part of PPE or personal protective equipment that an electrician needs to wear to protect himself/herself from different types of injuries. These heavy-duty work gloves are used for protection against below mentioned things.

Protection against chemicals

Work gloves are excellent barriers to stop chemicals from seeping into your hands. These chemicals are sometimes in hard concentrated forms, which can cause chemical burns and start spreading infections. Gloves that include nitrile, latex, PVC, and neoprene works best as chemical-resistant gloves.

Protection against impact injuries

These work gloves help in distributing the injury weight to the entire hand. If a heavy material falls, these gloves make sure the impact doesn’t bear down on a single part.

Protection against cuts

protection against cuts

When you work in the electrical field, there are plenty of sharp objects that can cause irreversible damage to your hand. Even a tiny metal wire or mesh can puncture through your hands. These gloves provide excellent protection against such injuries.

Protection against heat

Electricians need to weld or solder different circuit boards and panels; sometimes, these works can produce a lot of heat which can cause blisters and burns.

Protection against weather

A basic yet essential need is to have protection against the weather. Most electricians are working outdoors, and winters can be especially tough. These gloves provide significant protection against winters and other harsh temperatures.

What gloves are used for electrical work?

This answer depends on the type of work you are going to do. If you are not touching any live wires or circuits, then any thick padded glove will protect you. Your main aim is to safeguard yourself from abrasions, punctures, and cuts. Leather and synthetic gloves are ideal for such types of uses.

If you are working on live wires and always handle energized circuits, you need to check the voltage and wear gloves accordingly. Each glove has a specified voltage capacity; you can read and refer to the OSHA regulatory table to understand the specifications in detail.

But when you work on live wires, you must wear insulated rubberized gloves to keep you safe from the current. These protective gloves should comply with ASTM F696. When handling such jobs, we recommend that electricians wear three layers of gloves.

  1. Cotton glove liners should come first to absorb sweat and provide comfort.
  2. Wear electrical gloves to restrict the flow from entering the body.
  3. Leather gloves to protect the electrical gloves, as a bit of cut is enough to transfer the current, wearing a leather glove protects the rubberized gloves.

Do electrical gloves prevent shock?

shock prevention

Electrical gloves prevent shock, and electricians should always wear them while carrying their jobs. They should wear these electrical gloves according to the instructions given above.

An electrical glove should always have a protective second glove. Most electricians make sure to switch off the primary circuit to be extra cautious. We recommend that if the work can proceed even with a closed circuit, choose that option against live working.

Can you get shocked through nitrile gloves?

No, and yes, if the gloves meet the qualifications, you can surely wear them. These might work to prevent shock as they are inherently anti-static.

These are good as they do not build up a static charge, but you might still need a ground strap with it. Nitrile gloves are a little expensive than vinyl or latex, but they are cheaper than fully rubberized electrical gloves.


We hope our review helped decide on a work glove that will stay with you on your electrical adventures.

Each glove has various features, and no two gloves are similar; we highly recommend that you buy the product only after looking at your work needs.

Investing in few work gloves is an excellent idea as it will keep you comfortable while working irrespective of the weather and job role.