Best Associate Degree Programs For Tomorrow’s Electricians of Chicago

Are you looking for an electrician school in Chicago? More careers for electricians are opening up in the job market. Electrician jobs are expected to rise 9% by 2030, so you may be looking at a lifelong career in an in-demand field. However, to be accredited, you will need to learn the required skills at an electrician school in Chicago, Illinois.

The Coyne College Electrical Construction & Planning degree program and the Electrical and Electronic Systems program at Lincoln Tech in Melrose Park are two popular options in the city.

However, each program offers its own unique curriculum and perks. Below, let’s discuss the benefits of these schools to help you determine which may be the best fit for you.

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Coyne College

Technical Skills Gained

At Coyne College, you will receive hands-on training and individualized instruction to help meet your needs. You will learn how to maintain electrical devices and their wiring in homes, offices, buildings, and other structures. Coyne College will prepare you for the skills to receive an entry-level job after completion.

Duration of Program

It can take as little as 78 weeks to complete an Associate degree with Coyne College. This degree requires general education and additional electrician classes. 

Location of Campus

Coyne’s campus is in the heart of downtown Chicago. This option could be an easy walk to class if you are already living downtown.

Lincoln Tech

Technical Skills Gained

At Lincoln Tech, you will gain experience learning about cabling and networking tools and accessories. To prepare you for an entry-level electrician job, you will study concepts about electricity as they relate to materials. You will learn to install cable support structures and local area network cabling systems.

Duration of Program

It will take 1,200 hours to complete the electrical program at Lincoln Tech. These hours will be split into lecture hours and hands-on experience hours. 

Location of Campus

The Melrose Park campus is located in the suburbs outside of Chicago. This institution may be ideal if you live outside the city, as you’ll have a shorter commute and won’t have to combat the traffic of downtown Chicago.


Coyne Colle’s Electrical Construction & Planning degree program and the Electrical and Electronic Systems program at Lincoln Tech in Melrose Park are both smart options for future electricians. However, both are located in very different areas, take place over unique timelines, and have slightly different focuses. 

It’s up to you to continue your research on both schools and consider program length and location when deciding which electrician school in Chicago is for you. You may also wish to consider the program at City College.