Becoming an Electrician in St. Louis

Home to the booming aerospace, chemical manufacturing, and beer industries, St. Louis, Missouri is the perfect place to pursue being an Electrician. All of these industries require an abundance of electricity, and that’s where a well-educated and skilled electrician is needed.

If you are living in Missouri and looking for St. Louis apprenticeships for electricians, you have a couple of choices to pick from. However, you can’t just go to any school. Choosing the best apprenticeship program to your career goals is vital to your future licensed electrician in Missouri

In this blog, we will compare the apprenticeship programs of both the non-union IEC electrical program and the union St. Louis JATC program.

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IEC Electrical Apprenticeship Program

This program allows for two options of learning style, both requiring four years of learning. These options are The IEC Apprenticeship Classroom Training and The Low Voltage Apprenticeship Program. 

While both offer classroom and on-the-job training, they differ in subject focuses, so it is important to review which track fits your career goals. 

This program requires that all applicants take a math exam to be accepted into their classes, regardless of education history. While you do not need to pass the exam, you will need to take a math refresher course before starting your first year of classes.

St. Louis JATC Apprenticeship Program

Among St. Louis apprenticeships, the JATC boasts its ability to train its apprentices to exceed expectations for both knowledge and experience. They offer three different options for training: 

  • Inside training
  • Communication training
  • Residential training

Depending on your goals in your electrician career, you should choose from these programs carefully. These programs vary in length, from three to five years. All applicants will undergo an interview process and aptitude test that will determine their eligibility for the program they’re interested in.


While both programs offer sufficient knowledge and experience to become an electrician, their requirements vary heavily:

  • While the IEC only asks for a math test, the JATC asks for a history of Algebra classes in high school or college, as well as an aptitude test on top of this.
  • The JATC has an interview requirement while the IEC does not.
  • The EIC takes four years for all students, while JATC requires between 3-5 years, depending on the track.
  • The IEC assists apprentices upon completion of the program with job placement, while the JATC focuses more on classroom learning and gaining hours of experience.

Despite differences, both programs allow students to work and make money while learning.

Which St. Louis Apprenticeship is Best For You?

When you’re looking for St. Louis apprenticeships, these two options will give a future electrical professional the skills and experience they need to begin their business.

Both options offer several tracks depending on their students’ interests. However, each school differs in terms of subject focus, requirements, and post-graduate opportunities. We recommend researching each of these St. Louis apprenticeships carefully before applying.

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