Electrical Apprenticeship Programs at Kansas City Electrical KCJATC

Are you considering a career as an electrical contractor? Your next step should be looking for an apprenticeship. And if you live in the Kansas City area, look no further than Kansas City Electrical Joint Apprenticeship and Training Committee. The electrician apprenticeships at KCJATC reflect the school’s mission: to provide the knowledge necessary for a highly skilled workforce and provide apprentices with job security and satisfaction. 

Read on to find out what KCJATC offers and why this program might be right electrician apprenticeship in Kansas City for you.

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What is KCJATC?

At KCJATC, apprenticeship programs provide comprehensive training and instruction, which directly correlates to anywhere between 4/5-year classroom and on-the-job experience (6,400/8,000 hours, 720/900 related study). 

KCJATC offers in-depth courses from power supply and distribution to factory-grade programmable logic controller certification. As a result, apprentices get hands-on experience that exemplifies diverse classroom learning as well as guidance from working professionals of the trade.

In addition to outside general education credits that apprentices are responsible for separately, graduates have the opportunity to utilize their Inside Wireman’s Apprenticeship certification to gain an associates degree in applied science from the Metropolitan Community Colleges system.  

Electrician Programs 

KCJATC offers three programs: 

  • The Inside Wireman’s Apprenticeship
  • The Telecommunications Apprenticeship
  • Construction Wireman and Electrician training

The first two programs are apprenticeships and do not require prior trade experience. However, a high school diploma and a minimum age of 17 are necessary to apply. 

The Telecommunications Apprenticeship is a commitment of 4 years, with 6,400 hours on-the-job experience and 720 related study hours in the classroom. However, the Inside Wireman’s apprenticeship is a 5-year study, with 8,000 hours on-the-job and 900 hours in the classroom.

In contrast, Construction Wireman and Electrician training at KCJATC is an employment program that trains professionals after their apprenticeships in a workplace environment and comes with competitive pay and health benefits.    

Pre-Apprentice and Installer Tracks

These programs are best for people looking for paid positions while pursuing education as an electrician.

While the Pre-Apprentice track is mainly for people eager to pursue an apprenticeship later, the installer track is a program that puts your work ethic and skills to test immediately and pays well. However, it does not include health care.   

Consider Applying Today

With so much to offer, KCJATC is a leader in electrical apprenticeship programs in Kansas City. Apply today to get a head start on securing your future career.

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