Studying Electrical Technology at Mineral Area College

Day by day, the world is increasing how much technology it relies on for its everyday operations. With this demand, society needs people willing to learn about these systems and operate them correctly. 

The Associate of Applied Science degree in electrical technology at Mineral Area College in Park Hills, Missouri is training students for a lifelong career in the electrical technology industry. But what does the program involve, and what is the school like? 

Below, we’ll discuss what Mineral Area College offers when you enroll in the electrical technology program. 

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Electrical Technology Courses 

The curriculum for the electrical technology program includes everything you need to know about electrical technology. You will need to complete 61-68 credit hours to graduate, with the main focus being electrical work in addition to a few core classes such as communications and human development. 

Examples of what you can expect to learn in class are: 

  • Programmable logic 
  • National electric code 
  • Residential and commercial circuits
  • Reading blueprints
  • Preparing for employment

Once your classes are complete, you’ll also be required to take part in an electrical tech internship to gain some hands-on experience. 

Independent Living 

Mineral Area College offers the exciting option of living in a student housing area called College Park, located right on the Park Hills campus. The college is 65 miles south of St. Louis.

Not only are students close to classes and social activities, but living in College Park also comes with many amenities that other traditional dorm facilities don’t offer. The community includes the following: 

  • Swimming pool
  • Volleyball court
  • Computer lab
  • Barbecue pavilion
  • Laundry facilities
  • Clubhouse complete with a big-screen TV

Career Services 

The career services department at Mineral Area College offers a tremendous amount of resources to students so that the transition after graduation is as seamless as possible. These include resume writing skills, interviewing skills, the career planning process, employment trends, job outlook, and salary requirements. 

Dual Credit and Enrollment 

Depending on the classes you will be taking, you can even take advantage of higher education while still in high school. Mineral Area College offers dual credit and dual-enrollment programs, making it possible to earn college credits while still in high school if you take certain classes. 

Final Thoughts

With the growth in popularity of electrical technology programs, more schools are offering this option as a major, and it can be difficult to decide which institution is best. However, you can guarantee a comprehensive education in this high-demand field. Blending a great degree program with great courses, career services, independent living, and even dual enrollment, this school strives to offer a great experience and a bright future to students.