What Are the Best Michigan Electrical Apprenticeship Programs?

Completing an electrical apprenticeship in Michigan is an essential first step to becoming an electrician in the state. But with so many options available, choosing the best program can seem daunting. 

That’s why we want to share two of the best programs in the state for getting the on-the-job training you need. Read on to learn more about choosing an apprenticeship program. 

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Why Complete an Electrical Apprenticeship in Michigan?

States have varying requirements to get the correct licensing for the industry. For Michigan, the requirements are set by the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs. Keep in mind that local city requirements may vary slightly, so pay close attention to your local laws. 

Before you can take the licensing exam, you must meet 576 hours of related technical instruction (RTI). In addition to courses, you need 8000 hours of on-site work with an approved industry master in 4 years. 

Not only does this make completion of all the RTI hours mandatory, but it will also provide the skills and knowledge that every industry professional should have. And while there is a long list of approved RTI options, some are simply better than others. 

Michigan State University 

The MSU electrical apprenticeship program provides everything you need to get the 576 hours of RTI. But with MSU, it can all be completed from anywhere on your schedule. That’s because their highly regarded curriculum is online. 

With the MSU electrical apprenticeship program, students get all the information, safety guidelines, and industry standards necessary. Upon completion, students are rewarded with a certificate of completion from the US Department of Labor. The MSU electrical apprenticeship program is perfectly suited to be completed in tandem with worksite hours. 

Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc., Western Michigan Chapter 

The ABC/WMC offers students a nationally recognized curriculum with a special focus on work in the construction field as accredited by the National Center for Construction Education and Research. And with new construction going up every day, this electrical apprenticeship program offers invaluable connections and skills. 

Working directly with industry experts, students get a close look at everything that is expected of graduates from future employers. It demonstrates not only the knowledge but execution. Completion of the ABC/WMC will meet RTI requirements. 

Conclusion — How to Find an Electrical Apprenticeship in Michigan

Whether you want the convenience of an online program or a hands-on curriculum, accredited, renowned programs are available to you. Both of these programs are considered to be excellent. However, we recommend speaking directly with instructors or advisors before applying to learn more about whether they can get you on the right path to your goals.


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