What are the Best Electrical Apprenticeship Programs in Raleigh, NC?

Are you eager to acquire the skills you need for a lifelong career as an electrician in Raleigh, NC? There are dozens of quality programs to choose from across the city, each with its own unique structure and benefits. Here we break down three of these programs to help you decide which course could be best for you.

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Raleigh-Durham Electrical J.A.T.C

The Raleigh-Durham Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee is an education center that provides training to people who are looking for a career in the electrical industry. The center focus of this electrical apprenticeship in Raleigh is to teach students how to excel in the electrical industry. 

This 4-year course combines classroom instruction with on-the-job training alongside experienced electricians. An hourly wage for apprenticeship work is provided, beginning at $11.67 and finishing at $27.00 with the figure increasing incrementally across the 4 years as apprentices become more qualified.

Subjects covered include DC/AC Theory, Codes, Blue Prints, Motor Control, Instrumentation, and Grounding. Throughout the course, apprentices need to complete a minimum of 900 curriculum hours, with 8,000 hours of work-based learning hours.

North Carolina Association of Electrical Contractors

Established in 1937, and now with over 280 members, the NCAEC‘s aim is to serve and unify the electrical industry through quality training, safety, and service. They provide a 4-year apprenticeship program, and a schedule of wages, which also increase as apprentices advance through the course.

Subjects covered include Conduit Bending, NEC Code Book Box Calculations, Best Practices, Hazardous Areas, Generators, Motor, and A/C Calculations. 84 hours of classroom study, with 10 hours OSHA course, and 50 hours on-the-job is required in the first year. For the following three years, 84 hours of classroom and 60 hours of on-the-job learning are required.

Watson Electrical

Founded in 1935, Watson Electrical aims to bring opportunities to do good for its communities, customers, and employees. It offers a 4-year apprenticeship program for those interested in pursuing a career as an electrician, plumber, or becoming a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning professional.

Apprentices are required to finish 8,000 on-the-job training hours with 642.5 hours of associated instruction. During this electrical apprenticeship in Raleigh, students are taught to ask ‘why’ and are led under the immediate direction of supervisors.

What Are the Additional Benefits?

Raleigh-Durham Electrical J.A.T.C

  • Healthcare benefits while in school
  • A job placement is offered with graduation
  • Upon completion, apprentices are presented with a State and National Certification as a Journey-Level Worker.

NC Association of Electrical Contractors

  • Grants may be available to offset tuition fees only
  • Apprentices receive the State Certificate and DOL Journey Worker Credentials with a wallet card, at the end of the 4-year program. 

Watson Electrical

  • The program is flexible as book-work-only participants are permitted and are a valued part of the apprenticeship program.
  • Further benefits include raises and promotions (if applicable).

The Breakdown

If you are looking to pursue a new career, these electrical apprenticeships in Raleigh will provide the training that you require. Whatever your ambitions — you might be looking for book-only studies, might want to earn a wage while learning, or would like to graduate as a fully certified journey-level worker — each institution offers a unique educational program to fit your needs.


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