What are the Best Apprenticeship Programs in Nashville?

Looking for an electrical apprenticeship in Nashville, TN? Tennessee has some amazing paid apprenticeships available, especially in Nashville. If you want to know more about these hands-on programs before making a decision, here are a few things to consider.

IBEW Union Electrical Apprenticeship 

The IBEW union electrical apprenticeship is offered by the Nashville Electrical JATC (NEJATC) and is a fantastic program for beginners to electrical work. The best thing about this electrical apprenticeship in Nashville is that NEJATC offers paid on-the-job training to apprentices. 

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There are also trade-related classrooms provided, so you do not have to worry about starting with customers’ electricity right away. They offer the option to become an Inside Journeyman Wireman, which takes about four to five years.

To qualify, you have to be at least eighteen and must have a diploma or GED. These requirements are also applicable to any electrician job, so make sure you meet them before trying to start any programs or careers in this field. There are a few more qualifications, including taking an aptitude test and receiving a qualifying score.

IEC Middle Tennessee Electrical Apprentice Training Program

IEC offers non-union paid on-the-job training and they emphasize formal technical training more than NEJATC does. Also, IEC’s program is only four years, allowing you to become a professional electrician as soon as possible. The program has a great, low tuition cost, and some even have all their expenses reimbursed by the work they get paid for.

An added benefit of IEC’s program is that students will learn CPR/First Aid as part of their curriculum. This is a great thing to put on your resume after you graduate when you are looking for a job. Some mentors even set up a reimbursement plan for students who perform well and get good grades to lower student debt.

Lastly, many of the graduates from this program go on to get a job within the association.

How Do I Choose the Right Apprenticeship Program?

Now that you know about these amazing electrical apprenticeships in Nashville, how do you pick between them? We recommend deciding on how long are willing to study and whether you’d like to go with union vs. non-union. 

While the IBEW union electrical apprenticeship is five years, it’s union-paid on-the-job training will provide additional income while offering certain protections, like health insurance. At IEC, you will be a student for less time and receive paid on-the-job training but with fewer benefits that come with the union.


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