Lincoln Tech vs. Porter and Chester: Which is Best for Electrician Training in CT?

Choosing the right electrician school in CT can shape your future career as a professional electrician. Our guide below covers the two main options for electricians in Connecticut, including program details and graduation prospects.

Lincoln Tech Electrician Training Program

The Lincoln Tech program is located at their East Windsor campus and can be completed in 52 weeks.

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What Will I Learn?

Key areas this course covers include:

  • The applied math you’ll need to understand electrical systems
  • Practical skills such as wiring and cable installation
  • OSHA 30 safety standards
  • Working with programmable logic controllers

The course offers 1,200 hours of training, divided into 24 × 36 hours courses. This combines sufficient classroom time to satisfy the state requirements of 720 hours to obtain certification, as well as practical elements that will prepare you for the professional role.

Graduation Prospects

Lincoln Tech prides itself on helping its graduates find a first role as an apprentice. It notes that New England is projected to need 30,000 new electricians by 2026 and is partnered with Johnson Controls to help provide graduates with a first job.

Porter and Chester Institute Electrical Technology Program

The Porter and Chester Institute offers a 12-month program that provides a structured approach to learning the trade.

What Will I Learn?

The program consists of lab sessions totaling 30 hours per week. You may choose between daytime and evening sessions depending on which is more accessible for you — course materials are also available online 24/7. Key learning goals include:

  • Developing strong mathematical skills
  • Building a comprehensive understanding of circuitry
  • Developing the practical skills you’ll need in this role
  • Learning safety theory and OSHA compliance

Financial aid is available for some students — you can learn more about this on their website. This program is offered at their electrician school CT campuses in:

  • Hamden
  • New London
  • Rocky Hill
  • Stratford
  • Waterbury

Graduation Prospects

The course includes direct preparation for the L-6 Limited Electrical Journeyperson and the E-2 Unlimited Electrical Journeyperson exams, which you’ll need for licensure as a professional. The Institute’s careers service aims to help graduates swiftly find a first professional role.

Best Electrician School CT

We get that you have a difficult choice to make when it comes to choosing an electrician school in CT. An advantage of Porter and Chester is that it offers flexible training at multiple campuses across Connecticut, while Lincoln Tech has excellent industry connections to help set you up for your first job after graduation. 

Both are strong choices, but the most important thing is to choose a school that suits your learning needs and career goals. You may even consider reaching out to the programs via email to ask specific questions about what you can expect after enrollment.