Continuing Education Options for Electricians in Connecticut

Those who work in electrical engineering and construction know that their education is never complete. While every electrician has to put their time in and attend school to learn their trade, it’s also essential to stay current on the industry’s latest technology and new ways of working with electrical wiring. 

Some states even require electricians to continue their education after graduation. For example, Connecticut law dictates that all electricians must complete four continuing education credits per year, which roughly equates to a day-long course. 

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Read below to learn more about CT electrician continuing education options and enrollment processes. See this page for more information on Connecticut electrician training.

Finding the Right Program and Enrolling Process

Finding the right program for you is not as simple as enrolling and attending any institution. Not every program will offer credits that count towards license renewal requirements. As you check outoptions, actively reach out to schools to ensure they offer the correct credit hours and re-certifications you need. 

However, the following are some of the best courses offered that will certify your continuing education credits. 

Electrical Training Services, LLC

This program is fully in-person, with no online options. Registration is given via fax, phone, or email and upon registering the cost required is $90.00. 

To complete the class, you will need to have the 2017 National Electrical Code (NEC)and a calculator. It will count for four total credit hours towards your license renewal and will be awarded if you are present for the entire course. 

To enroll, you must include your basic information and your license number. 

Independent Electrical Contractors of New England 

The IEC of New England provides a series of continuing education credit courses each month on a wide range of topics, including: 

  • Environmental health and safety on-the-job
  • Microsoft Office courses
  • Business and administrative management
  • Human resources

Depending on the specific continuing education course that you choose, it can cost you anywhere between $25 and $120 for a higher administrative level. 

To enroll, you can call their phone number, or go online to browse all courses offered and select your choice. You must have all the basic information and an already existing license number.

Final Thoughts

Keeping up with certifications and continuing education credits may seem tedious and bothersome. Still, it is required by Connecticut law and also highly beneficial for your career. Taking courses throughout your electrician career will boost your abilities as a professional and keep you ‘in the know’ about the new technologies and practices. 

We recommend reaching out to both of these programs to learn more about the classes and credits offered.


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