Electrician Training: Detroit Training Institute of Technology vs SEMCA

Students interested in beginning a career in the electricity industry will benefit massively from electrical training. There are a variety of courses available for those seeking Detroit electrician training, including Detroit Training Institute of Technology and SEMCA. For those deciding which will suit them best, read on:

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Detroit Training Institute of Technology

Detroit Training Institute of Technology is a four-month course that ensures students learn the basics of residential wiring according to the 2008 National Electric Code. This is something that every electrical trainee must adhere to. The course is presented by experienced and qualified technicians, with safety and code methods amplified massively within the curriculum. Each project is supervised by the instructor, and after the four months of study, graduates will complete the course with a certificate and the know-how needed to pursue a career in the electrical realm.

When completing the electrical qualification at the Detroit Training Institute of Technology, students will be greeted with a set of electrical hand tools and a pouch. Some of the modules include:

  • Fans
  • Lighting Branches
  • Receptacles
  • 2008 NEC Code
  • Special purpose outlets
  • Installing and preparing service panels

Southeast Michigan Construction Academy 

At SEMCA, students are met with training programs taught by master electricians who are still active within their field. This hands-on education provides students with a unique and competitive advantage in the electrical business. For those looking for Detroit electrician training, the curriculum at SEMCA offers not just electrical apprenticeships, but sheet metal, HVAC, and carpentry too. 

Students are encouraged to begin their careers in the industry, and can expect a quality education, and a good income to be able to provide for those at home.

When completing the electrical qualification at the Southeast Michigan Construction Academy, students will be greeted with a variety of tasks. However, after formal apprenticeship training, qualified electricians must still complete and pass a written test to obtain their official license. Students completing a course at SEMCA will learn how to:

  • Read blueprints to install electrical systems in office buildings, factories, home, and a whole host of other structures.
  • Install coaxial cables for TV or fiber optic cable for computers and telecommunication equipments.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for Detroit electrician training, there are a variety of options available to you. Students are looked after well and are taught professionally and responsibly from the very bottom to the height of the industry.


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