Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 Six-Inch Composite Toe Work Boots Review

Looking for a great, affordable workbook that’s comfy and stands the test of time? You’re in the right spot. 

A long-time legend in the workman wear business, Carhartt boots are a great way to get the name-brand look and feel without that hefty price tag. 

This is because they bring the same, if not better, level of comfort and safety as that of other name-brand work boots like Ariat or Justin. 

Carhartt offers multiple options, but this article will focus on their CMF6366 Six-Inch Composite Toe, giving you a detailed review of all the top features and answering some questions you may have. Keep reading our Carharrt work boots review to find out more!

Safety & Protection

One of the safety features included in the Carhartt comp toe boots is their electrical hazard feature. This is great for any tradesperson that works around electrical items, as it will protect you from up to 18,000 volts of electricity in dry areas. 

Another excellent safety feature of this boot is its composite toe site. This type of toe protection is great for anyone looking for something similar to the Carhartt steel toe boots but still wants the flexibility and lighter weight fit of the composite toe boots. 

Finally, paired with deep grooves on the outer soles, you’ll have the added benefit of slip resistance, along with a ladder lock.

Comfort And Functionality

Carhartt is all about making its products as comfortable and functional as possible. With this in mind, they have achieved a perfect balance between comfort and function with these boots. 


Function-wise, these boots are awesome. This is due to the steel shank, which adds stability and creates more shock-absorbing properties, allowing you to take what would usually be difficult terrain with ease. 

Additionally, the rubber sole makes the shoe bouncier, making each step feel much lighter than what you may have experienced in any of your past boots. 



They have also done a great job with comfort. For example, the cushioned collar at the top of this boot allows for more flexible movement that will keep you working your whole shift without feeling stiff or sore. 

One of the best things Carhartt has done to make these shoes even more comfortable is adding foam soles to the boot. This has added an extra layer of comfort that keeps your feet from getting super sore after a long day’s work and makes breaking them in that much easier.

Smart Technology

One of the most remarkable features of this pair of boots is the FastDry technology. This type of technology is used to help dry water and sweat from your work boots faster than any other boot on the market. FastDry Technology also makes your boots much more breathable than traditional boots. Even though these Carhartt comp toe boots are not 100% waterproof, they definitely make up for that with their FastDry technology. 


These six-inch lace-up Carhartt comp toe boots are stylish for anyone interested in having a fashionable option. Coming in black, dark brown, brown oil-tanned, and brown, these electrician work boots offer a balanced option that works well for people needing a presentable, safe footwear choice if they’re going to go between a worksite and an office or public setting. 

Lacing up to the ankle around a large tongue, this boot will definitely work well in most seasons and provide the added assurance of looking good while being practical. 

Lifetime Warranty

Most boot companies do not have a lifetime warranty for their work boot. However, Carhartt comp toe boots do. This is because they believe that their boot should not and will not break within the lifetime of your shoes. Most people find that this is a testament to how devoted Carhartt is to deliver on their promise that if you can’t quit, then neither can your boots.  


  • Abrasion-resistant. The type of leather used for this boot will keep more scratches and nicks off of your boot, making them last longer than your average pair.
  • Foam Inner Soles. Foam soles are unheard of when paired with trade workers’ boots, making these boots an especially comfortable and ergonomic option.
  • FastDry Technology. This FastDry technology is great for any hot, sweaty day on the job as this technology will quickly dry sweat away with its breathable technology, leaving your feet feeling fresh throughout a long day’s work.
  • Lifetime warranty. These boots have a lifetime warranty. So, on the rare chance something does happen to them, you can still take advantage of the lifetime guarantee.
  • Well-priced. Pretty much any work boot is going to be pricey in today’s market. However, with Carhartt comp toe work boots, you can have great quality without spending what other brands are asking.
  • Flexible. Because of the cuff at the top that allows flexibility and the boot’s flexible sole design, it is easy to get the job done without feeling like you are lugging around bricks for shoes. 
  • Electrical Hazard Feature. Because of these boots’ ability to protect against up to 18,000 volts of electricity, they are an obvious choice for any electrician or tradesperson on the job.
  • Composite Toe. Composite shoes are a great alternative when compared to Carhartt steel toe boots. This is because the comp boots are actually thirty percent lighter than Carhartt steel toe boots. Additionally, they are considerably more flexible to work in than the Carhartt steel toe boots alternative.
  • Slip-Resistant. This boot is also very slip-resistant to most liquids, including oil, water, and other chemicals.
  • Light Weight. Because these boots are Carhartt comp toe boots rather than Carhartt steel toe boots, they are actually much lighter. In addition to the fact that Carhartt uses certain materials that allow for a smaller weight work boot in general.
  • Water-resistant. While not waterproof, they are water-resistant, meaning that in most semi-dry environments, they will keep the wearer’s feet dry.
  • Easy to break in. Because of the sole technology, in addition to its foam soles. This enables the user to break these boots in without the pain that many other boot brands can cause.
  • True to size.  Because this boot runs true to size, it can be ordered online, and you know it will fit properly. Additionally, they are true to size for all sizes, including the wide size options.


  • These boots are not name-brand boots. For some people, having name-branded boots is everything. But, with the quality of Carhartt comp toe boots being just as good as other big brands on the market so, why spend the extra money?
  • It is not waterproof. This is the most common complaint people tend to make. However, with the FastDry technology, they are still better than many boots, as the FastDry technology allows this boot to dry faster than most other boot options on the market.
  • Not well insulated. For some, this may not be an issue. However, if you work in a snowy area, you may need to wear heavier-duty socks to stay warm during the winter months.

Who These Boots Are For?

Overall, this type of work boot has won a lot of people over. They are comfortable and also one of the best brands when it comes to safety. 

Additionally, many people rave about how their families have been using them for years and how much their family members love them. From electricians, construction workers, miners, all the way to mechanics, these work shoes really do stand up to the test of quality, time, comfort, functionality, and safety. 

So, long and short, they’re ideal for most job types and for anyone interested in wearing them. The only demographic of people that may need a different option could be if you’re in wet terrain as part of your job. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about Carhartt comp toe boots below:

Do Carhartt Comp Toe Boots have a Lifetime Warranty?

Yes. This boot has a lifetime warranty. However, it does not cover regular wear and tears from daily use. This warranty does cover special case damages of the boot.

Do Carhartt Boots Run True To Size?

Yes. Carhartt boots are true to size. They have a medium size for the average width of a foot. Additionally, there is a wide option for those who need a wider boot size. 

Is This Boot Rated For Electrical Hazard?

This boot is rated for up to eighteen thousand volts of electricity in dry areas. 

Are Carhartt Returns Free?

Unfortunately, Carhart comp toe boots are not free to return. The standard return fee is only seven US dollars. However, if you opt for store credit, then the seven US dollar fee can be waived. 

Is The Boot Sized For Men Or Women?

The Carhartt work boot is sized for men. However, they are still a comfortable fit for women. Just be sure to order one and a half sizes smaller than your women’s shoe size. For example, if you wear a size five and a half, order a size four in men’s. 

Is This Carhartt Boot waterproof?

No, this Carhartt boot is not waterproof. However, it is water-resistant. With that said, as long as the boot is not underwater consistently, then the user’s feet will stay dry. 

Is This Carhartt Boot Insulated?

These Carhartt comp toe boots are not well insulated as they are meant to keep the user’s feet cool while working in hot environments. However, many people have said that a thick pair of socks is all that is needed to keep their feet warm during the winter months. 

How Long Are The Laces?

The laces for the Carhartt comp toe boots come with forty-seven inch long laces. With that said, there should be plenty of lace for the boot. However, if you want longer laces, they are available. 

Does This Carhartt Boot Last?

This boot can last between one and two years, depending on the amount of daily use. With that said, they can last even longer if taken care of properly. 

How Much Does This Boot Weigh?

This pair of Carhartt comp toe boots weighs between four and five pounds, depending on the size of boot received, which is significantly lighter than the Carhartt steel toe boots alternative. 

Verdict — Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 Boots

Overall, this boot is an amazing choice when looking to buy a pair of working boots. From their weightlessness to their flexibility, this is a sturdy, fashionable option that many wearers continue to be impressed by. 

Additionally, their safety aspects and smart technology features make it hard to understand why some people haven’t tried Carhartt comp toe boots before. We give this a solid thumb’s up for most wearers, as we’re confident they’ll be pleased with their choice.