Ariat Overdrive XTR Review

If you’ve been searching high and low on the Internet for a pair of high-quality electrician work boots, you may have become familiar with the Ariat brand. This company is known for delivering state-of-the-art foot protection in a variety of both English and Western styles, and they’re really starting to make a name for themselves in the footwear community.

One of their most popular releases is the Ariat Overdrive XTR. Of all the different Ariat work boots for men, this model, in particular, is marketed for its coveted waterproof technology, composite toe, and overall durability. These boots are said to be perfect for individuals working in wet conditions who are in need of reliable foot protection.

So, are the Ariat Overdrive XTR boots really as good as they say? Do they deliver in terms of water resistance and durability, and should people working in wet environments really invest in a pair or two? 

You’ll find the answers to all of these questions and more in this Ariat Overdrive XTR review. 

Are Ariat Overdrive XTR Boots Right for You?

Before you invest in a pair of boots as sturdy and well-equipped as the Ariat Overdrive XTR, there are a few things you need to consider first to be sure you’re making the right decision.

First, these boots are intended for heavy-duty industrial work, so if you are just looking for footwear suitable for simple lawn and garden tasks, these are probably quite unnecessary. 

Additionally, they are intended for those working in wet conditions, so if you primarily work on dry land, you may want to focus your search on boots that offer more protection from blunt force than from moisture. 

However, if your feet need protection from moisture and maximum comfort during manual labor, the Ariat Overdrive XTR could be the appropriate work boot for you. 

Ariat Overdrive XTR Review

Now it’s time to take a closer look at exactly what features the Ariat Overdrive XTR boots have to offer. In this Ariat Overdrive XTR review, we’ll go through each aspect of the boots individually and perform an unbiased assessment of their pros and cons, so you can have a clear picture of what to expect before you buy. 

Initial Reaction

At first glance, it’s easy to see that the Ariat Overdrive XTR is a sturdy boot capable of withstanding plenty of force. The composite toe is solid to the touch, and could easily protect your toes from falling or dropping heavy equipment.  

The insulative benefits of the mesh lining are immediately apparent once the boots are in place on your feet, and a test walk around the room can confirm their high level of comfort. The material certainly feels thick enough to protect against water, but they will have to be put to the test to see if they really work.


These boots are coated in 100% Waterproof Leather, and you can tell by the touch that the material is of very high quality. The quality of the leather certainly adds some aesthetic value as well, which is always nice, but of course, the true test of a good work boot is a measure of practicality.  

A quick test (either walking through a wet area or simulating these conditions by placing the shoe underwater), should reveal that the material is not easily permeated by moisture, and should hold up quite well in a real-life working situation.

Care and Maintenance

All leather products will require some degree of maintenance to keep them in good condition for the long haul, and the Ariat Overdrive XTR work boots are certainly no exception. However, that doesn’t mean they necessarily require intensive upkeep or that the cost of maintenance outweighs the benefits that the boots provide.  

In this case, a leather cleaner such as Saddle Soap or a similar product should be applied as needed, whenever the material starts to look under the weather. This should be supplemented with an appropriate conditioner and followed by the application of a waterproof wax. 


While everyone knows that some shoe manufacturers have their sizes slightly off-kilter from the standard, Ariat is convenient in that its sizes are very consistent with those of other types of footwear. So you don’t need to try ordering a half-size larger or smaller than the size you wear for sneakers. Whatever shoe size you normally wear should be perfectly appropriate for your Ariat Overdrive XTR work boots.  

In terms of how they fit, the composite toe offers enough wiggle room for you to feel comfortable performing any number of activities, while the rest of the boot fits tightly in all the places that it needs to.


When looking for a durable work boot that will offer you protection in all sorts of conditions, it is imperative that the outsole be sturdy and resistant to harm. The Ariat Overdrive XTR boots are equipped with outsoles made from hardened rubber. They guard against slips and puncturing, so you can rest assured you will be safe and steady on your feet.

The insoles also provide an exceptional degree of comfort, which is important when performing manual labor for long hours. The arch supports allow you to remain on your feet for long periods of time without excess discomfort.

Breaking in the Boots

With most new footwear, there is a period of time at the very beginning where you need to walk around in the shoes for a while before they start to feel normal and comfortable. This is known as the “break-in period”, and its length varies from shoe to shoe.

Ariat products are famous for having incredibly short break-in periods. Thanks to the comfortable leather and expert design, it really doesn’t take very long at all for these work boots to fit like a glove, so to speak.


The Ariat Overdrive XTR is one of the best models of work boots for people who work in wet conditions and need protection from moisture and other elements. They use Waterproof Pro technology to keep your feet dry and are equipped with a mesh lining to aid circulation and keep your feet cool.

The composite toe protects against blunt force or heavy objects, and the material comes with an ATS Max rating, so you can rest assured your feet are safe inside. 


Of course, you should never just take one source’s opinion for granted. It’s important to consider feedback from a range of consumers before making any footwear purchases, just to be safe.  

Luckily, however, most of the reviews on the Web for the Ariat Overdrive XTR work boots are overwhelmingly positive. The product is rated four and a half out of five stars on Amazon’s marketplace, with more than one reviewer commenting that they were the best boots they’d ever owned.  

While there are some reviews complaining that the boots did not meet their specific expectations when they arrived, this sort of feedback is largely overshadowed by the wealth of positive reviews. 

Alternatives to Consider

If the Ariat Overdrive XTR boots aren’t sounding very appealing to you so far, you might want to know what your other options are. Here are three more work boots with similar claims. Two of them are other Ariat work boots for men, and one is from a competitor. Let’s see how they compare to the model at hand.

Ariat WorkHog

The Ariat WorkHog is quite similar to the Ariat Overdrive XTR, with one exception. The sole is what really sets the WorkHog apart from the competition. It is made from slip-resistant hardened rubber that protects against punctures, and it also has the appropriate ATSM rating for use when performing electrical work. So if you’re an electrician or feel that you could otherwise benefit from such a sturdy sole, the WorkHog might be a better option for you. Check the price here.

Ariat Intrepid

If you’re concerned that the Ariat Overdrive XTR’s mesh insulation still won’t provide enough air circulation to cool your feet while you work, then look no further than the Ariat Intrepid. It uses VentTEK panels on the sides and even more mesh venting near the top to make these boots as breathable as possible. They also have a heel protector, which offers an added level of safety for your feet. Check the price here.

Wolverine Hellcat Wellington

The Wolverine Hellcat Wellington boots are a bit more affordable than most of Ariat’s offerings, so if you’re looking for a better value, this might be the option for you. However, they don’t have all the same features as the Ariat Overdrive XTR model, so it depends on what qualities you need from your work boots. The Wolverine Hellcat Wellingtons have a more pronounced angle in the heel, which can be a big help for people who ride horses or motorcycles. 


  • 100% Genuine Leather
  • Water-resistant, Waterproof Pro Technology
  • Ample insulation and ventilation
  • Slip-resistant rubber soles


  • Not corrosion-resistant

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, any Ariat Overdrive XTR review will be limited in some way. It’s nearly impossible to include every bit of information about these boots in such a short text. Luckily, we can supplement this information by answering some of the most popular questions found on the internet about this special footwear. 

How Well Do They Breathe?

Thanks to the expertly designed mesh installation, these boots provide excellent ventilation that allows air to circulate and keeps your feet from getting overheated when working in the hot summer months. 

How Waterproof are They?

This footwear is specifically designed to be worn in wet conditions, and as such, the manufacturers have made sure that they are seriously waterproof. As long as the top of the boot doesn’t become submerged in water, there should be no issue with moisture getting through to the inside.

Will They Protect My Feet From Harsh Chemicals?

While they are great for guarding against water, they aren’t certified for use with abrasive or erosive chemicals, and as such would not be recommended for use in environments where these hazards are present. 

Verdict: The Ariat Overdrive XTR

Overall, the Ariat Overdrive XTR is a solid work boot suitable for most purposes. For those performing manual labor under wet conditions, the water resistance and protection against moisture that these boots offer is an absolute must. The composite toe keeps your feet safe from falling objects, and thanks to the mesh insulation, you don’t have to worry about getting too hot. 

All in all, these work boots seem like a great investment for anyone who can put them to good use.

After reading through this Ariat Overdrive XTR review, you should have all the information you need to know if these boots are right for you. Will you invest in a pair of Aviat Overdrive XTR boots?  If you’re interested in purchasing a pair of Ariat Overdrive XTR boots, check the price here.