What are the Best Work Pants For Electricians in 2022?

Work Pants For Electrician Review

If your job’s nature involves being on your feet for hours on end and sweating out in the sun, then the outfit you wear will largely determine how many hours you can stand and work.

If you are an electrician, your work pants should be loose-fitting, comfortable, and long-lasting. See also are review of the best jeans for electrical work.

#1Carhartt Men's Shoreline ReviewCarhartt Men's Shoreline9.7/10Check Price
#2Caterpillar Men's H2o Defender ReviewCaterpillar Men's H2o Defender9.5/10Check Price
#3VIKING Men's Journeyman 420 Denier ReviewVIKING Men's Journeyman 420 Denier9.4/10Check Price
#4Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant ReviewCaterpillar Men's Trademark Pant9.3/10Check Price
#5AKARMY Men's CasualAKARMY Men's Casual9.0/10Check Price

Since your work involves a lot of sweating, these pants should add to your comfort, not make you feel worse. And more importantly, the more the number of pockets in your pants, the better.

It is because you may have plenty of tools you need to keep handy to pick and carry on with your work comfortably without being burdened. 

If you wonder what the best pants to wear when carrying about your electrician duties, you are in luck. This guide will review 5 of the best work pants available in the market.

There is no need to spend the entire day in tight-fitting and sweaty workout pants. Here are the Top 5 Workout pants available in the market, and you pick one based on what sounds best for you.

Winner: Carhartt Men’s Shoreline

Carhartt Men's Shoreline Review

The first on the best electrician pants is Carhatt Men’s Shoreline Waterproof pants. These are some of the best quality pants you can find on the market and are great value for money.

It is because they outperform every other pair of pants in terms of comfort, breathability, and standing up to the elements. Whether you are working in the rain or storm or under the blazing sun, these pants are made to withstand harsh working, environmental, and climatic conditions.  

  • Material: Nylon
  • Washing: Machine Wash
  • Closure: Zipper

The bib weighs 7.4 ounces, the inseam is large, and the height is 32 inches and 34 inches, respectively. The former are regular size, and the latter is large size. It comes in an attractive black color that looks very attractive.


The bib is breathable, convenient to wear to work, and comes with the perfect fit. With a water-repellent finish, the water will slide off the pants when the weather outside decides to take a turn for the worse. It will make it easier for you to maintain the pants in top tip condition.

The double storm flaps will help prevent sweat buildup, and the snap-adjustable leg openings along with the ankle-to-waist two-way leg zippers will provide you with an excellent range of motion as you carry about your work. The triple-stitched seams offer the durability you are looking for, not having to frequently buy a new pair of pants.


A few users complained that it was not as waterproof as they expected it and got a little soaked during a shower.

Extra Features

This pair of pants or bibs are made with 100 percent nylon and a storm defender breathable membrane, although the mesh lining is made with a polyester membrane.

Other features of these pants include double storm flaps, added hammer loop, adjustable leg openings, a large pocket with multiple compartments to keep your tools, and a left-leg hammer loop. There are two reinforced back pockets, including a patch pocket and a waterproof zipper closure, for more space to keep your tools.

Buying Advice

If you are on the lookout for electrician work pants that are of superb quality, are easy to maintain, withstand rugged work and weather conditions, durable, and with convenient features like an added hammer loop, triple-stitched main seams, and reinforced pockets, then these are the bibs for you!

Runner-up: Caterpillar Men’s H2o Defender

Caterpillar Men's H2o Defender Review

Caterpillar’s defender pants are second on our list of the best workout pants for men. Made out of a blend of cotton, polyester, and elastane, they are versatile and make for a great utility pant.

So, whether you are an electrician, carpenter, or working in the construction industry, you will find these pants comfortable and easy to wear and work throughout the day. 

  • Material: Cotton, Polyester, and Elastane
  • Washing: Machine Wash
  • Closure: Button

Caterpillar Men’s H2o Defender Pant is made with 65% cotton, 33% Polyester, and 2% Elastane. The H2O defender trouser will keep you dry comfortable throughout the day. The innovative stretch fabric will add to your comfort, and the water-resistant coating will protect you from the elements as you work.


You can wash these in the machine, so you don’t have to worry about whether they are tough to maintain. The fitting of the pants is such that they don’t inhibit movement. Durable and long-lasting, the pockets provide you with enough storage room to keep all your tools and equipment within easy reach and access.

Comfortable, functional, and perfect fit, they are great when you indulge in any physical or dirty work. The material with which these workout pants are made is tough to stand harsh climate and rough work conditions. You can keep many of your light-duty tools in the pockets provided. It comes in two colors, black, and graphite, so you have the option to choose between the two.


The primary concern of most people who bought these pants is quality. Some users reported shrinkage after wash, while others faced issues with the pants ripping apart with use.

Extra Features

These work pants from Caterpillar come with button closure and water-resistant stretch fabric. There are tons of additional features that you will be impressed by.

For one, the provision of Cardura reinforced knee pad pockets on both sides. It will help increase the durability of the pants. You will also appreciate the attractive-looking reflective piping, scuff guards in extra long-lasting Nylon material, and the contrast inside waistband with gripper tape.

If you spend the entire day on your knees, kneepad pockets’ inclusion is super beneficial. The best part? You have the option to put two knee pads on both sides, which is highly useful if you are going to be spending all of your days kneeling. This aspect makes it one of the best construction pants available.

If you have lots of tools to work with, then the tool pocket will come with plenty of compartments you need to keep all your devices. Further, the inclusion of the cell phone pocket is a great advantage. Even when you are busy, your phone is readily accessible when you need it.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for one of the best construction work pants with reflective piping at the front and back knees, knee pad pockets on both sides for keeping tools, cell phone, etc., scuff guards in extra durable nylon oxford that lends durability to the pant, and contrast inside waistband with gripper tape that will help to keep the shirt you wear tucked in and the pants in place, then these are just right for you.

Alternative: VIKING Men’s Journeyman 420 Denier

VIKING Men's Journeyman 420 Denier Review

VIKING Men’s Journeyman is one of the most popular pants ideal for everyday workwear. Great attire for your workplace; these pants are reliable, waterproof, comfortable, and lend superior resistance to any unexpected tear or cut that may occur when you are hands-on at your job.

Featured Specs

  • Material: 100% Polyester
  • Washing: Machine Wash
  • Closure: Button

Viking’s Journeyman jacket is made with heavy-duty Nylon with mesh lining and vents, providing you with stretch, breathability, and durability.

Not only is it waterproof, but it gives extra storm protection. Additionally, the bib pants are windproof and come with a 13″ Boot zipper. The zipper with flap closure and adjustable cuff with hook-and-loop fasteners allow immediate access when you need to vent.


These pants come in three attractive colors: black, yellow, and dark green. Not only are these comfortable, but they are also breathable, and no matter what size you pick, the fitting will be just perfect. Although considered an affordable option, there is no shortage of quality when it comes to these bib pants.

The waterproof quality also makes it an attractive option. Being lightweight, it is ideal for year-round use, even in rough weather. Despite being light in weight, the material is not flimsy, nor does it appear cheap. 


One of the significant drawbacks of these pants is the lack of pockets. So, if you want to keep your phones or tools, there is not enough provision. The pants could have been a lot more useful and function for those working in the construction industry or as an electrician if there had been pockets.

Extra Features

The bibs come in the perfect size and fit to withstand any weather. The unique feature about these bib pants is the waterproof quality. For this, the jacket is equipped with a storm flap, a fleece collar, a pair of durable bronze-planted snaps, and a thin stripe of reflecting piping in the front portion.

Buying Advice

Suppose you are looking for a pair of bibs with excellent quality, maximum resistance, comfortable fit, and great for outdoor use. In that case, you should go with VIKING Journeyman electrician cargo pants. 

Alternative: Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pant

Caterpillar Men's Trademark Pant Review

Caterpillar Men’s Trademark pants come in three different sizes and more than half a dozen color options. So you have plenty of options to choose from.

There are more attractive features like knee pad opening, water-repellent, and comfortable fit. These make an excellent gift for someone who loves to do jobs like electric or carpentry framing.

  • Material: Cotton and Polyester
  • Washing: Machine Wash
  • Closure: Button closure

Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pants are made with 60% cotton and 40% polyester. It features tool-holder loops at the thigh to keep a few handy tools ready. The 20-inch leg opening with scuff guards fits over boots perfectly, so you can wear them every day for work without worrying about wear and tear.


One of the most attractive uses of Caterpillar Men’s Trademark Pant is that there are many color options to choose from. The various colors in which it is available are Black, Olive, Dark Earth, Grey, Navy, and Graphite. They are also easy to maintain, being machine washable. 

These pants are as attractive as they are functional. You are sure to look good and feel great in them all day long. They are durable, strong, and can withstand harsh winters and snowstorms without giving you any trouble.


Although touted for heavy-duty, the pants are not as durable as you would like for work that involves stomping in the mud and water. A few users reported issues with the quality and the pants not lasting the distance.

Extra Features

There are front pockets with pull-out oxford tool bags. It is excellent news if your line of work involves using various tools. The multi-purpose tool pockets on the front and back sides will allow you to store more tools if needed, along with other personal items like cellphone, keys, wallets, and more.

Buying Advice

The overall look of the pants is pretty great. There are plenty of utility storage options for your tools and other equipment and accessories. The plentiful storage options for devices, keys, and other accessories are what makes this pair of work pants stand out from the rest.

Alternative: AKARMY Men’s Casual

AKARMY Men's Casual

Military-style cargo pants can also be used as work pants if you are an electrician, a construction worker, or any job that involves outdoor activity. These pants fit snugly, and there are many tool storage spaces.

  • Material: Ripstop cotton
  • Washing: Machine Wash or Hand Wash 
  • Closure: Zipper closure

Functional, attractive, and comfortable, you can use these pants for all seasons and all occasions. The rugged tag button enables you to fasten quickly without any hassle. It is useful when you are in a hurry! The numerous pockets help for easy withdrawal and storage of anything you want to carry with you.


These pants are versatile because they can be used by electricians or construction workers, and people involved in outdoor adventure activities. Whether it is for hiking, biking, traveling, walking, or any sports activity, these pants will fit the bill perfectly.

There are a whopping eight different pockets in this pant to carry whatever you want, depending on the activity you indulge in. Also, there are so many color options you are spoilt for choice. From military green to khaki, you can pick and choose a color you love to battlefield camo.

Made out of synthetic/ripstop material, the pants are highly durable. Also, they are tear and stain-resistant, and so you can care for them effortlessly. They are on the thicker side, advantageous over those regular flimsy cargo work pants.

The pants are cool, comfortable, and will keep you cool and dry the entire day. Another benefit of using these pants is that they repel stains and liquids, and so you can care for them without any difficulty. You can get the best possible workout and movement due to the articulated knees and gusseted crotch.


It may not be much of a con, but one of the pockets is more for decorative purposes than functional. Meaning, you cannot store your phone, wallets, keys, or any of your tools in it.

Extra Features

Apart from the regular eight pockets, there are also front and back pockets, not four utility pockets. Store as many tools and personal accessories and gadgets in them.

The drawstring tie provision at the waist is customizable. These pants fit comfortably and snugly at the waist. The hem near the leg’s opening comes with a drawstring tie. The drawstring tie provides added comfort and allows you to wear work boots when you are going to work or sports shoes when you are about to go on an outdoor activity like walking, jogging, or hiking.

Buying Advice

If you are looking for military cargo pants that can double as construction pants or electrician pants, then you should probably buy AKARMY Men’s casual cargo pants. If you like indulging in outdoor sports and recreational activities, then it is an added advantage because you can use them for both purposes.

Work Pants FAQ

What are the most durable work pants?

working pants

Cotton, Nylon, denim, and polyester are both great options for work pants.

However, the heavy-duty work pants are made from premium durable fabrics like advanced canvas. Such pants are more durable than the other options. 

Why do Japanese construction workers wear baggy pants?

Japanese construction workers usually wear tobi trousers. The tobi trousers or tobi pants are baggy below the knees and narrow down at the calves.

The pants are bright in color and can be put into the footwear. Japanese construction workers wear this because the baggy style imitates the ever-popular knickerbockers. They wear these more for fashion and look rather than comfort.

What is the coolest fabric for hot weather?

electrician on ladders

Cotton is one of the best fabrics you can wear during summer, but it is not the only one. There are other fantastic fabrics like linen, rayon, and denim, which are all great during summer.

How long do work pants last?

You can expect your work pants to last anywhere from three to six months if you are in a job that involves squatting, walking, standing, bending, and climbing the entire day.


Work pants are something you will be wearing for months or even years.

If you have no idea where to start, we hope that this article will come in handy in making the right choice for your line of work. In this article, we have highlighted five of the best work pants for men to wear at the workplace.

When selecting a pant, you should look out for the following factors: material quality, durability, breathability, fit, number of pockets, and ergo the number of tools and other gadgets you can keep in it, and how easy or difficult it is to care for.