What are the Best Hard Hats For Electricians in 2022?

Hard Hats For Electrician Review

When working on a construction sites, many electricians focus too much on just getting the tasks completed on time and often forget about their safety, i.e., wearing the best construction hard hats.

They should think of protection as a priority. On a general construction site, numerous situations can easily cause significant injury to the skin, head, or even instant death if safety is neglected.

#1Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Matte Black Graphitte ReviewPyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Matte Black Graphitte9.8/10Check Price
#2Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Black ReviewPyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Black9.6/10Check Price
#3MSA 10079479 V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat ReviewMSA 10079479 V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat9.5/10Check Price
#4Fibre-Metal-Hat E1Rw ReviewFibre-Metal-Hat E1Rw9.4/10Check Price
#5Fibre-Metal-Hat E1Rw ReviewBullard 62DGR Standard Series Vented Cap Style Hard Hat9.3/10Check Price

Here, in this guide of best-rated hard hats or best quality hard hats in the market, we will cover the most crucial features of different types of hard hat, including full brim hard hats, which are used when performing electrical tasks.

Those looking to jump straight to the best hard hats on the market can opt for Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, Matte Black Graphite Pattern.

It is one of the top hard hats available and, among most users, considered one of the best hard hats in the world.

Winner: Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Matte Black Graphite

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Matte Black Graphitte Review

The Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat offers high performance. It is either made in the US or imported for sale. The ratchet suspension is way simpler to adjust and allows the wearer to modify the fit when you wear the hard hat easily. It has a replaceable soft brow pad, headbands, and suspension even available.

It helps protect a low temperature of -22 degrees Fahrenheit to as high as temperature 140 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with 4 point suspension, which you can convert into a six-point suspension. It meets the ANSI standards and is type 1 class C, G, and E.

The general dimensions of the hat are 13 x 11 x 7 inches, with a shell thickness of between 0.07 and 0.16 inches. Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat, 4-Point Ratchet Suspension, Matte Black Graphite Pattern is constructed from the material of ABS, which is ultra-light and robust catering lightweight protection.

  • Material: Polymer
  • Color: Black Graphite Pattern
  • Style: Full Brim 4 Point Ratchet Suspension


  • Caters ultimate comfort and toughness
  • It comes with high-performance ABS
  • It has an entirely adjustable and customized fit


  • Between 95 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit, the outer layer of the hard hat may begin to melt. This drawback has been noticed by a few of the users of this helmet. 

Extra Features

  • Come with Ultimate Comfort and Toughness – The ridgeline hard hat comes with the ultimate combination of good performance impact protection and exceptional personalized comfort. 
  • Has ABS of High Performance – All the hard ridgeline helmets are made with ABS thermoplastic resin that combines rigidity and strength. The material is ultra-lightweight, making the hard helmet one of the lightest hats available in the market, which is 10% lighter than traditional hard hats. The ABS material is a superior quality material known for its gloss, hardness, toughness, and electrical insulation properties. 
  • Better Coverage and Low Profile – The low profile helmet permits a more natural, comfortable, and secure fit that sits lower on the crown of the worker’s head and provides enhanced coverage as compared to the higher-profile sitting helmets. 

Buying Advice

One of the best features that the hard helmet provides is that it is entirely adjustable and customized for buyers. The 4-way adjustable points permit the users to adjust the harness backward, forward, down simply, or up endowing you the ideal fit for customized comfort. The vented pressure pad, washable and replaceable sweatband, and adjustable padded rear suspension caters to great comfort and secure fit.

Runner-up: Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat

Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat Black Review

The Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat is constructed from ABS material; it is solid and ultra-light for lightweight protection. The ratchet suspension is simple to adjust and permits the wearer to modify the fit when they wear it.

It comes with a replaceable soft brow pad, headbands, and suspensions. You can convert the 4 point suspension into 6 point suspension. It meets all the ANSI standards and is type 1 class C, G, and E category. The shell of the Pyramex Ridgeline Full Brim Hard Hat helmet is constructed from ABS material.

The ratchet suspension is simple to adjust and permits the users to modify the fit when wearing the helmet. The soft brow pad is easily replaceable. Headbands and replaceable suspensions are even available along with the helmet.

  • Material: Synthetic
  • Color: Black
  • Style: 4-Point Ratchet Suspension


  • Provides complete comfort and toughness
  • It offers high-performance ABS
  • Cater better coverage compared to another traditional hard hat
  • Has customized fit 


  • Excessive use of a hard helmet may cause the divot that holds the ratcheting mechanism in 4 points to crumble. Thus, users should ensure to keep checking on their helmet regularly and, when using the helmet aggressively, ensure to take care of it well. 

Extra Features

  • Ultimate Comfort and Toughness – The hard hat combines high-performance impact security and exceptional comfort.
  • ABS, Which Is of High Performance – All ridgeline helmets are made from the ABS thermoplastic resin as it combines rigidity and strength. The material is ultra-lightweight, which makes the hard helmet the lightest helmet available in the market today. This helmet is 10% lighter than other traditional material hard helmets. The ABS material used here is of high quality that provides gloss, hardness, electrical insulation, and toughness properties. 
  • Better Coverage and Low Profile – Low profile hard hat permits a more comfortable, natural, and secure fit that fixes at the lower crown of the user’s head and provides higher coverage than the high profile hard helmet. 
  • Completely Adjustable Customized Fitting – The helmet has 4-way adjustable harness points that permit the user to adjust the helmet backward, forward, down, or up endowing them with the best-personalized fit for comfort. Vented pressure pad, washable and replaceable sweatbands, and adjustable and completely padded rear suspension caters to secure fit and comfort. 

Buying Advice

As a buyer, you should know that the brand Pyramex is one of the best prevalent in the market. The brand promises its customers to cater to the best possible hard helmets and, along with this, the best service and, most importantly, make users’ lives simpler regularly. Their values challenge them towards a commitment of truth and deliver the best they promise. 

Alternative: MSA 10079479 V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat

MSA 10079479 V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat Review

The MSA 10079479 V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat comes with a polyethylene shell. It has a Fas-trac ratchet suspension. MSA 10079479 V-Gard Slotted Hard Hat, American Eagle, Capacity, Volume, Polyethylene, Standard, Black/Red/White/Blue caters top-class protection.

It ensures to meet the ANSI standards of the Class E category. Also, it is the most popular hard helmet currently available. It is built for high performance and is a durable helmet that assists keep the workers stay safe. Customization solutions of the helmet help meet any task at hand.

  • Material: Polyethylene 
  • Color: American Eagle available in different colors like black, red, white, and blue
  • Style: Full brim and cap style


  • It is a hard helmet with an iconic V
  • It comes with unsurpassed fit and comfort
  • Provides complete safety


  • Users should be careful with adjustment rivets for suspension systems as fragile creatures are easily compromised.
  • The rear piece of suspension is fixed and not hinged.

Extra Features

  • The polyethylene shell caters to superior impact security/protection
  • Fas-track 3 ratchet suspension can be easily adjustable for a secure fit
  • Their self-adjusting crown straps make sure that the fit is comfortable

Buying Advice

As a user, you should know that MSA is an old and highly renowned brand established in 1914. MSA is a global leader in the manufacturing, development, and supply of safety products to protect people’s safety and health. Their mission is that all workers, whether women or men, should work in safety and that their families and people in communities should live in good health worldwide.

The MSA V Gard hard hat has a distinctive V design trademark, recognized worldwide for its quality, comfort, and durability. Since their introduction and is now recognized worldwide with their iconic V design, MSA now has sold more than 100 million V-gard hard hats since their introduction and is now recognized worldwide. Thus, when you want the ideal best quality that caters to durability and high protection, opt for MSA V Gard hard helmet. 

Alternative: Fibre-Metal-Hat E1Rw

Fibre-Metal-Hat E1Rw Review

It features the best impact protection for ultimate hard helmet safety. The existence of exclusive smooth crowns is designed specially to deflect the impacts of falling objects. When such an impact occurs, SuperEight impact energy control helmets move the force by distributing it over more significant space.

It makes SuperEight the best to use as both a general safety hat and construction hat. Technically advanced suspension ratchet comes with eight load bearing points to balance and stabilize the hat for providing long-wearing comfort.

Quick-adjust knob permits for simple custom fitting to any size of the head. Full brim adds a measure of protection against hazardous rain, sun rays, and debris. The fiber metal helmets come in various ranges of colors. 

  • Material: Thermoplastic 
  • Color: Black
  • Style: Quick-adjust ratchet suspension


  • Heat and scratch-resistant
  • Thermoplastic material
  • Smooth crown
  • Complete brim protection
  • Provides SuperEight energy control
  • Multiple color options
  • Eight load bearing points
  • Instant adjust suspension ratchet


  • It does not have the most incredible finish.

Extra Features

  • Complete Protection – The helmet is ideal for general labor and construction sites. The SuperEight helmet offers the best protection against dangerous elements and impacts. Smooth crowns can easily deflect the falling objects, and the SuperEight Impact can control the system dissemination, i.e., the force of impact over the vast space for higher safety. Complete brim protects against sun, rain, and falling debris. 
  • Comfort Plus Fit Equal High Safety – It is a comfortable hard helmet that promotes safety at the construction work as it is significantly less likely to get eliminated. Advanced SuperEight suspension ratchet features eight load bearing points that cater to balance, stability, and long-wearing comfort. Instant adjust knob permits for simple custom fitting for any head size.

Buying Advice

As a buyer, you should note that the hard hat comes with several benefits. A few of them include: 

  • Complete Brim Safety – SuperEight model comes with a 360-degree complete brim-round hat. It serves as the shield to the eyes against harmful ultraviolet rays, rain and even protects the head from any falling debris.
  • Impact Deflection – The grooves on the hat can easily prevent the falling object. The SuperEight hat features a smooth crown design, which deflects impacts away to lower their force and lower the injury chance. 
  • Impact Absorption – When such impacts occur, an 8 point impact energy control system disseminates the force of the impact over the whole hard helmet to lower the injury chance.
  • Added Protection – It has padding at the forehead, which assists in absorbing the frontal impact and caters to soft cushioning all around the day. 
  • Comfort and Fit – 8 point ratchet suspension features enhancement adjustments to fit comfortably almost any head size.
  • No Strip/ No Slip – Quick turn ratchet suspension permits easy size adjustments. Ratchet is completely stripping proof and caters to durability and nonslip to make a sure snug fit.
  • Scratch and Heat Resistant – The SuperEight hard helmet is made of a hardy thermoplastic substance that is scratch and heat resistant, enhancing the hard hats’ life.

Alternative: Bullard 62DGR Standard Series Vented Cap Style Hard Hat

Fibre-Metal-Hat E1Rw Review

The Bullard 62DGR Standard Series Vented Cap Style Hard Hat is pillowed cotton and poly material with brow pads of vinyl material. It comes with 3/4 inches wide seamless crown straps of nylon material.

Bullard 62DGR Standard Series Vented Cap Style Hard Hat, 4 Point Ratchet Suspension, Cotton Brow Pad, Dove Grey, One Size is rear and front vertical height adjustable, which is best for users looking for this feature.

  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Color: Dove Grey
  • Style: Vented cap style hard hat


  • It comes with 4 point suspension.
  • Has pillowed poly, cotton, and vinyl brow pads
  • It can be easily adjusted at a rear and front angle.


  • Instructions with the product for few users were not helpful. They claimed they had to figure out how they should fasten the helmet to the headband.

Extra Features

  • It comes with 4 point suspension.

Buying Advice

Users find great comfort and high protection due to their standard series availability. It features 4 point suspension such hats are lightweight, of low profile, and have a shallow center of gravity that caters to exceptional balance. It is ANSI certified and is of Type 1 standard fit for class C needs. 

Hard Hats FAQ 

What Do Colors of Hard Hats Mean?

different colors on hard hats meaning

A hard hat is an ever-present protection accessory on building sites worldwide. Opinions differ as to where and when they were initially used.

Many usually believe the initial wide-scale utilization of them was in the US on several construction projects around the 1930s, including the Hoover Dam and Golden Gate Bridge in California. 

This school of thought led the legendary Czech writer Franz Kafka to develop the civilian hard helmets when working at Worker’s Accident Insurance Institute for Bohemia in 1912. Note that this is not a verified finding. 

However, hard helmets have been highly responsible for saving countless lives over the years. It is a legal need on-site now as hard helmet’s rigid plastic or tough fiber less design can easily keep the heads of the workers safe throughout the country.

However, you may not be aware that the distinct color of hard hats signifies extraordinary things on the site that allow the workers to know their role when carrying out a particular task.

While this color coding system varies from place to place and even within the individual organization, specific rules assist you in figuring out the workers from their hat’s color. 

  • White Hard Hat – It is for site managers, supervisors, or engineers to wear on site.
  • Yellow Hard Hat – The color yellow is for the general laborers and earthmoving operators.
  • Blue Hard Hat – Carpenters and various other technical operators involving electricians generally wear the hard blue helmet.
  • Green Hard Hat – Green generally signifies a safety inspector. However, the new workers or the probationary staff can even use it on-site.
  • Orange Hard Hat – Banks man slingers or signalers, lifting operatives or traffic marshals wear it. 
  • Red Hard Hat – Fire marshals wear this. This hat is complete with a fire marshal sign.
  • Brown Hard Hat – Brown hard hats are worn by the welder and other workers involved in high heat activities.
  • Grey Hard Hat – Site visitors generally wear grey hard hats. 

What Hard Hats Are OSHA Approved?

osha approved hard hats

Hard helmets are one of the best mediums to protect yourself from life-changing, permanent injuries or even death around the construction areas. Thus, it is crucial that the workers understand numerous kinds of hard hats, how they should take care of them, and the requirement of wearing them in a job. 

OSHA regulations state-specific requirements for head protection in the workplace. As with most OSHA standards, such rules include ANSI or American National Standards Institute standards. OSHA caters regulation to abide by, and ANSI caters the means to follow such rules. 

OSHA has two standards governing hard hat requirements: 

  • 29 CPF 1910.135 states that the hard helmet needs for the general industry workers
  • 29 CFR 1926.100 acts as head protection for demolition, construction, and renovation workers.

Both such standards need workers to wear hard helmets when there is potential for any injury from the impacts, flying or falling objects, or even electrical shock. It means employers should cater hard helmets and make sure that the employees wear the protective coverings on listed occasions: 

  • When the object or debris may fall from the above and strike workers on their head.
  • When the employees might strike their head against a fixed object such as beams, support, or other equipment.
  • When there is a possibility that the workers’ heads make contact with the electrical hazards.

In all such cases, the hard helmet must abide by the OSHA head protection need. 

Are Carbon Fiber Hard Hats Better?

head protection

Carbon fiber is one of the best and the most substantial materials currently available on the market days. Also, graphite fiber, even called carbon graphite, is a polymer made of fragile carbon strands. Such thin strands can get woven together to create a cloth. Also, it can be coated as resin or plastic to add significant strength to various other materials. 

Carbon fiber is one of the most popular materials in automotive, aerospace, and military applications owing to its several benefits. One such benefit is that carbon fiber is five times more potent than steel and twice as stiff.

Moreover, it is even lighter than steel, making it best for application when weight is a significant concern. Other benefits of carbon fiber are high tensile strength, temperature tolerance, high chemical resistance, and low thermal expansion. 

Given the advantages of the carbon fiber material, it is easy to understand why it is used in hard hat construction. Hard hats made of carbon fiber have all the advantages of carbon fiber to protect your head whether you are an ironworker, arborist, or an electrical contractor.

What Is A Class G Hard Hat?

Class G hard hats are well designed to lower the exposure to the low voltage conductors and even offer dielectric protection of up to 2,200 V from phase to ground.

One such example of Class G hard hat is the MSA skull guard hard hat, worn by the ironworkers who need a specific degree of protection against dielectric.


The hard helmet is a crucial and mandatory piece of equipment that comes with work vests, work boots, gloves, bodysuits, and even protective glasses.

While the hard helmets traditionally might appear uncomfortable to wear all day, the new technology hard helmets have well contributed to the comfort angle without sacrificing security.

Whether you are a new or seasoned electrician, you require good personal protective gear for your safety, and it includes the best hard hat for construction. Opting for the best quality hard hats can save your life, so select well and make the maximum investment towards it as per your budget.