Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot Review

Wolverine is a leading brand for work boots and has a reputation for delivering products that combine durability, protection, and comfort. The Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot carries on this tradition, boasting an impressive protection rating and using innovative design techniques to maximize all-day comfort for outdoor workers.

So what sets the Wolverine tarmac work boot apart, and should you buy it? We cover everything you need to know in this Wolverine work boots review.


Before we get into the features that make up the Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot, let’s take a moment to appreciate how those features add up: this is a good-looking piece of footwear. Available in brown or black, the Wolverine tarmac work boot proves that you don’t need to be ugly to be tough. And if you like your boots with a bit of “additional” character, this shoe’s durability means that you’ll get the chance to wear them in over a few years.

Waterproof Leather Construction

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot is its waterproof construction. The waterproof full-grain leather upper is designed with membranes that stop water from getting anywhere near the shoe’s interior, offering incredible protection for your feet when you’re working in wet conditions. This means that unless the water is poured into the shoe from above, your feet will always remain dry.

This is extremely beneficial for anyone working for extended periods in wet conditions, where lower-quality insulation will lead to blisters and sores that make your job painful and your feet uncomfortable. It also enhances the durability and lifespan of Wolverine work boots: water getting inside a shoe causes damage to the interior, as the interior materials aren’t fully waterproof and can warp or rot. With these boots, you’ll prevent water intrusion, and they’ll last for a long, long time.

Removable Cushioned Footbed

Showing once again that comfort is a priority for Wolverine work boots, this model features a removable cushioned footbed that molds itself to the shape of your feet. You can take it out if you prefer a harder tread, but this is hugely advantageous for long shifts. Combined with the waterproofing, it makes for a shoe that you can wear all day with minimal soreness or risk of blisters.

Being able to remove the footbed is also good for airing your shoes at the end of the day. Even a boot with 100% waterproof protection can’t stop your feet from sweating, and this enables you to keep your Wolverine work boots as close to fresh as possible. 

Ultra-Light EVA Midsole

The midsole on the Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot is unbelievably light, allowing for easier movement. This is perfect for contractors like electricians who may need to shuffle and move easily in tight spaces, as well as anyone who works with ladders or at a height. It’s also beneficial from the point of view of comfort – long shifts give you leaden feet, and every gram a shoemaker can take off the weight helps.

High-Grip Rubber Outsole

Rubber Sole

The thick rubber outsole possesses excellent grip even in wet conditions. The Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot was, of course, designed with tarmac workers in mind, and grip is extremely important when you’re working near traffic. This also makes it a great choice for construction workers or anyone who has to operate in high places, where grip is once again a concern. Combined with the lightness of the shoe, this feature sets the Wolverine work boots apart from some of their clunkier competitors.

Nylon Shank

The strong nylon shank in the Wolverine tarmac work boot helps protect your foot from moving into uncomfortable or awkward positions when you have to lean or put your foot at an angle. This is extremely beneficial for electricians or anyone whose job involves working in tight spaces, where a weak shank can put pressure extra pressure on your foot and ankle.

The nylon shank is also great for preventing fatigue by holding your feet in a comfortable position. Wolverine work boots certainly put long shift workers at the center of their design, which will be appreciated by tarmac workers and construction professionals alike.

High-Visibility Wraps

When you’re looking at the Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot, an immediate question is: while the dark color design is attractive, won’t that be a problem for working at night? Anyone working on tarmac will frequently work in dark conditions where high visibility is essential. And high visibility features are an important part of shoes for anyone operating on roads as their feet are the first thing illuminated by a car’s headlights.

The brand’s response is to include high-visibility wraps that adhere securely to the Wolverine work boots and have excellent reflective capacity. This is a great feature because it means that you get a good-looking shoe for day shifts but can operate safely at night, whether you’re working in traffic control, construction, or electrical maintenance. 

Lightweight Cement Construction

The cement construction further reduces the Wolverine work boots’ weight compared to many competitors. They’re some of the lightest shoes in the business, which is all the more impressive given their waterproof capabilities and strength (see below).

While some people will say that cement construction can never have the same constitution as nails, the manufacturer was likely taking into consideration the fact that many tarmac workers have to pass through security screening. This is especially true at airports, where metal detectors are an industry standard.

Ensuring that the shoe is completely metal-free means that airport staffers don’t have to take their shoes off while passing through security, which saves valuable time. And let’s face it, having to take your boots off several times a day is an irritation we can all live without.

ASTM F2413-18 M I/75 C/75 EH Rated Composite Toe

Our Wolverine work boots review found that these shoes are rated at I/75 and C/75, meaning that they provide a ½ inch of space upon 75 foot-pounds of impact and offer the same amount of space when facing compression of over 2,500lbs. This is an excellent security feature and is complemented by the composite toe’s electrical hazard resistance and the fact that the toe does not conduct heat or cold.

In conjunction with the impressive grip and waterproof features, this makes this shoe ideal for road workers who may have to operate in snowy conditions. The electrical hazard resistance is a must-have for electrical contractors, showing that the boot has applications in many industries despite being primarily designed for tarmac. This is an excellent electrical safety boot.

Composite Toe

Who Are Wolverine Work Boots Good For?

While any working professional could benefit from the durability and fine material of these boots, there are a few occupations that these boots are particularly suited for. 

For example, these Wolverine boots are ideal for electrical contractors because they’re: 

  • Resistant to electrical hazards
  • Comfortable enough to wear during long jobs
  • Waterproof – when working with electrical equipment in poor weather, waterproofing is a safety feature as well as adding comfort

The lightweight design and top-quality waterproofing make this shoe ideal for the long shifts that are common for road workers. Meanwhile, the strong composite toe is a welcome safety feature for anyone working on roads. The additional grip provides safety even in winter conditions.

The lightness and great grip offered by these shoes make them ideal for working at heights, while strong waterproofing is a must-have. After completing our Wolverine work boots review, we think that perhaps the most important feature of these shoes for construction professionals is the strength of the composite toe. It resists impact and compression admirably and is resistant to electrical hazards – a great choice for construction workers. 


Are Wolverine Work Boots Good?

Wolverine has been a premier American manufacturer of work boots and other footwear since the company was founded in 1883. It specializes in providing footwear for contractors who need durability and comfort in equal measure. Its shoes are typically designed around the needs of contractors and offer some of the best comfort, waterproofing, and longevity in the industry. 

Are Wolverine Work Boots True to Size?

One criticism of Wolverine work boots is that they can be narrow at the toe. We recommend that you order your Wolverine work boots from a reputable seller with a money-back guarantee to ensure that your shoes fit your feet – just like with any other shoe manufacturer.

The protection that these shoes offer at the toe cap can be uncomfortable for some wearers. We suggest that you try the boots on for at least 15 minutes of walking around when they’re delivered. This should give you a great idea of how comfortable these boots are.

Are Wolverine Work Boots Made in America?

The company’s primary manufacturing plant is in Michigan, where the company is based. It has produced shoes from this plant for over 100 years and its U.S. manufacturing credentials are why these shoes are favored by contractors nationwide.

If you have any questions about whether your shoes were manufactured, we recommend that you contact the supplier for more information. Wolverine has plants around the U.S. and its shoes may have come from any of these – the highest level of workmanship is guaranteed.

Are Wolverine Work Boots Waterproof?

The Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot is one of the most waterproof work shoes available. Its use of membranes alongside full-grain leather gives it a level of waterproof coverage you won’t find with most competitors.

Wolverine Work Boots Pros

  • Top-quality waterproof design using intuitive membranes on a full-grain leather upper
  • Extremely comfortable and perfect for long shifts
  • Lightweight, enabling freedom of movement and making the shoe good for working at a height
  • Powerful composite toe protects against impact and compression
  • Provides supple support for your feet and ankles, reducing the risk of injury
  • The high-visibility wrap provides safety when working at night, especially on roads
  • An overall attractive shoe from a reputable manufacturer
  • Excellent grip

Wolverine Work Boots Cons

  • More expensive than some other brands, but generally mid-range in terms of price
  • Some users report that the toe is slightly narrow
  • The high-visibility wrap has to be added to the shoe – not a permanent feature

Verdict: Wolverine Work Boots 

After completing our Wolverine work boots review, we think that this shoe is one of the most durable and protective items of footwear available today. Its waterproofing is on another level compared to other shoes on the market, and Wolverine has put a lot of effort into ensuring that comfort is at the front and center of the shoe’s design.

Did we get you hyped to purchase your own today? Wolverine men’s tarmac work boot is available on Amazon now. Click here to check price and take home a pair today!