Which is the Best for Electrical Technology in Indianapolis? Ivy Tech or Lincoln Tech

Are you ready to start an apprenticeship program in Indianapolis but don’t know which one to choose? This is an important decision that requires thorough research before applying to a program. You want to attend the right electrician school in Indianapolis to best suit your career goals.

Below, you will learn more about what Ivy Tech and Lincoln Tech have to offer.

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Ivy Tech Overview

The program at Ivy Tech prepares students to work with engineers and technicians in a variety of fields. Students will learn skills including electrical power and machinery, robotics, and energy management. They also master engineering tasks such as prototyping, installing, maintaining, and troubleshooting electronic devices. 

Students can also acquire an associate-level Certified Electronics Technician (CET) certification for a more specified branch in the field. This institution is a transfer partner with several accredited Indiana state universities, so you can take advantage of their “Transfer as a Junior” program to easily apply to an in-state four-year institution. 

Graduates are not guaranteed admittance to another institution, but attending this electrician school in Indianapolis prepares you for the next step in your education and career.

Lincoln Tech Overview

Different training programs are offered at Lincoln Tech depending on the campus. The Electrical and Electronic Systems Technology provides hands-on training for using tools to properly install and maintain various electronic fixtures and systems. 

Students learn to install, troubleshoot, and service home safety services and television equipment. This program provides training in both the high-and-low voltage side of the industry for a balanced range of knowledge. 

The Electronic Engineering Technology track offers an up-close look at parts like microcontrollers, microcompressors, and semi-conductors in preparation for becoming a technician. This track prepares students to enter into the industry for telecommunications, biomedical systems, and more. 

Graduates will have the ability to work in private homes, on construction sites, in airports, and just about anywhere technicians are needed. 

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Hopefully our guide on what Ivy Tech and Lincoln Tech offer has helped you narrow down your decision. Determining which institution is the best depends on what skills you are looking to acquire in preparation for your chosen career. We recommend contacting an advisor on each campus to answer any questions you may have about their program. Best of luck to you as you decide on an electrician school in Indianapolis!


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