Where to Study Electrical Engineering in Boston

Boston is home to highly-rated electrical engineering programs that give students the knowledge and skills to succeed within this field. It’s not just about the four years in school. It’s about the foundation these programs can provide for the rest of your professional career. So make sure you consider which program best suits you. 

Why Study Electrical Engineering in Massachusetts

When you study electrical engineering in Massachusetts, your career prospects multiply greatly to open a whole new world to you. Electrical engineers are more needed than ever across various industries, including communications, aerospace, healthcare, defense, and more. 

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If you’re interested in what makes electrical devices tick and how they can help people, electrical engineering could be the perfect field. And with so many possible applications, studying electrical engineering in Massachusetts could take you to wherever your interests lie. But where should you study?

Northeastern University

Northeastern University is located in the heart of Boston with modern, updated constructions to complement its 220-year-old institution. Northeastern gives students a blend of a traditional campus on its 73 acres of land but in the heart of an urban setting. 

The electrical engineering program at Northeastern allows for students to customize their studies in electrical engineering in Massachusetts. In addition to their rigorous science and mathematics courses, minors are available so that students can further specialize in their interests. 

If you’re looking to join the top tier of highest-paid electrical engineers, then you may also be interested in Northeastern’s accelerated master’s program option. This allows students to earn both their bachelor’s and master’s with typically only one extra year added. 

A master’s degree can open the doors to more opportunities than only having a bachelor’s would. 

Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology

If you want to live in a big city but with a small community, then Benjamin Franklin, with its central location and less than 1,000 student body may be perfect for you. Get individualized attention from one of the most affordable private programs accredited by ABET

The program covers the foundational systems that every engineer should know. And with their funding program that allows students to focus on getting the right job out of school and paying back only after they’re settled with MentorWorks

For the most individualized attention in Boston, the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology has what students need. 

Apply to the Program of Your Choice

Studying in Boston can open the doors to the kind of networking and career exploration that students need to land the right job out of school. With several programs to choose from in the city, it’s important to decide what you’re looking for from your electrical engineering program and choose the one that fits both your future goals and current needs.


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