Timberland Pro Boots Review – 50507 Titan 6″ Composite Toe Boots

When you need shoes for work, you only want to purchase the best on the market. The right shoes should not only be durable to last in all conditions but also provide comfort and support throughout the day.

Some of the most popular boots for any job site are models from the Timberland Pro series, like the 50507 Titan 6″ composite toe boots. Timberland has a reputation for delivering both the safety and performance you need to work hard and the 50507 Titan 6″ model is no exception.

Curious if these are the boots you need for work every day? In our Timberland Pro boots review, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the Titan 6″ model, including features, who these boots are best for, and more. 


If you take a look at Timberland Pro work boots, you’ll quickly notice some differences between models. Even those that look similar from afar will have a few different features than others. That’s because each shoe is designed for a different type of professional. 

Timberland Pro boots are designed for many types of work. You could be a farmer or a welder and still experience the same comfort and durability with this brand. However, the 50507 Titan 6″ has some unique features that not all the other shoes in this collection offer. 

Here are the standout features worth writing home about with the 50507 Titan 6″. 

Leather Material

The overall material of these Timberland Pro comp (composite) toe boots is leather. Because this is soft leather, there isn’t much (if any) breaking in to do. This is great for people who need new shoes immediately for a job. Another bonus is that leather is easier to clean than some other work shoe materials. 

No matter the advancements in synthetic materials, leather remains one of the most durable and lightweight materials. Even better, it’s also comfortable. It will last for a long time, stand up to whatever your job throws at it, all while looking great. 


Insulation is typically packed into the inside of shoes and is designed to keep feet warmer. For those working outdoors in very cold temperatures, they may want insulated Timberland Pro steel toe boots. However, even in just mild temperatures, insulated shoes can cause serious overheating. 

For those who need protection without a lot of warmth, these non-insulated shoes are a better fit. They allow feet to breathe, whereas too much warmth will cause sweating, which means moisture and wet socks. Non-insulated is far more comfortable for anyone in mild temperatures or and indoor workers.

ASTM-Approved Protection

The ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) is an international organization that tests professional materials for safety purposes. ASTM-approved Timberland Pro work boots have been analyzed by different strength and resistance tests, including impact on the toes, heat, electrical shock, punctures, and more. 

These tests are harsh, meaning that only the strongest Timberland Pro boots can stand up to the treatment. And, of course, the Titan 6″ passed the test.

ASTM approval is a voluntary standard which means it’s not a requirement for most. However, it’s an excellent standard for safety. For those who want full protection, Titan 6″ Timberland Pro comp toe boots are a great choice for high-quality protection, as indicated by the ASTM. 

90-Degree Heels

At the bottom of the Timberland Pro comp toe boots, you’ll either notice a continuous line from the toe to the back of the heel, or there will be a distinct heel. When the heel part of the sole is separated, this is known as a 90-degree heel. Those without it are wedge soles. 

90-degree heels are generally preferred for people who may be walking around outside on uneven, difficult terrain. This is because it has more grooves and traction than wedge soles. Similarly, they are best for anyone who frequently uses ladders. This is because the separate heel can brace against the rung of a ladder, providing greater stability. 

For people who find themselves on uncertain ground, whether that’s rocky terrain or going up and down steep ladders, these 90-degree heel Timberland comp toe boots help further ensure you’ll always find your footing. 


For those on their feet all day, safety is important, but comfort reigns supreme. Many pairs of shoes will have all the composite toe protection and impact resistance. But many of them can cause you pain throughout the day and leave you dreading putting them back on again the next day. 

During our Timberland Pro boots review research, we found that the Titan 6″ ranks very high for comfort compared to other pairs. You truly feel the difference stepping into these boots because of the PowerFit Comfort System. Timberland Pro comp toe boots have polyurethane midsoles and footbeds, which creates a soft cushion that’s shock-absorbing. 

Strong Arch Support

While we believe comfort is one of the most important aspects of any shoe, some brands only focus on comfort and cushioning. While this may be comfortable for a long walk every once in a while, this isn’t the best for those work long days in the same pair of Timberland Pro work boots. When you’re standing for long periods and on your feet, you also need support. 

Combined with the material for soft soles, the 50507 Titan Timberland Pro comp toe boots also feature strong arch support thanks to nylon diffusion shanks. This relieves the pressure on your back and joints while still keeping your feet comfortable after a long day. 

If you have comfortable boots that leave you with a stiff back and joints, you may have the right cushioning but not enough support. Your feet carry all the weight, so make sure they have the support they need. 

Inner Moisture-Resistant

We know you work hard. But that doesn’t mean you need to come home with wet, sweaty socks and Timberland Pro work boots that constantly need cleaning. That’s why the 50507 Titan Timberland Pro boots are designed with antimicrobial fibers. These fibers are inside the shoe and wick away moisture and sweat. Your feet will stay dry and have plenty of fresh air to breathe. Not only will your electrical work boots last longer, but you’ll be more comfortable. 


You want your feet to be completely protected in your Timberland Pro comp toe boots. Substances like oil and heat are not welcome. The good news is that these shoes are completely resistant to heat, electrical shock, and oil. 

Additionally, you don’t need to worry about abrasions which will quickly wear out any shoes. This way, the leather on the Timberland Pro work boots will last much longer. They are also slip-resistant. With great traction, you can take every step confidently. 

Pros of the Titan 6″ Timberland Pro Boots


Traditional Timberland Pro steel toe boots are strong but heavy. Instead of steel, the Titans feature composite toes. This material is very strong but lightweight. This means they’re less bulky, and you can walk comfortably in these shoes. 

Another bonus is that Timberland Pro comp toe boots don’t conduct heat or cold the way steel toes do. Your feet will remain comfortable rather than at the steel’s mercy. 

Overall, the Titan 6″ composite materials are very strong and are durable. They leave behind the cons of steel while maintaining a high level of safety. 

Best for Electrical-Hazard

For those in the electrical field or people often exposed to electrical hazards, the 50507 Titan Timberland Pro boots may be the best choice. That’s because they are very resistant to any electrical shock. Shocks may be a large hazard, depending on the site. 

Even for those who aren’t directly involved in electrical work, electrical-shock resistance is a great thing to have just in case. 

Rubber Outsoles

There are many advantages to having rubber outsoles. First and foremost, this creates the skip resistance that is essential for safety standards and working efficiently. After all, it’s difficult to focus on the task at hand if you’re more concerned with not falling. 

Even more than safety, rubber is a lightweight material. Rubber outsoles combined with composite toes and leather makes for very comfortable and lightweight Timberland Pro boots. 

Rubber is also great for cleaning and storing. Keep them away in storage or give them a quick clean, and they’re as good as new. 

Cons of the Titan 6″ Timberland Pro Boots

Not Waterproof

For those who spend parts of their day with their feet submerged underwater, this may be a dealbreaker. While some Timberland Pro boots are waterproof, the 50507 Titan 6″ boots are not one of these pairs. 

However, they are resistant to abrasions and oil. While some other men’s Timberland Pro boots are only waterproof, these are all about impact. For those who work with more impact hazards than water, the Titans may still be the right choice. 

If waterproofing is a must, check out similar Timberland Pro steel toe boots. But be prepared that you may lose some advantages of the Titans. 

Plastic Eyelets

The Titan 6″ Timberland Pro boots are extremely durable. With composite material, strong leather, and rubber, it will last for many years. However, one soft spot is that it features plastic rather than metal eyelets. While they generally don’t cause much of a problem, it’s something to keep in mind for rough shoe tiers. 

Customer Ratings and Reviews

With hundreds of 5-star reviews on the Timberland site and Amazon, it’s clear that people have a great experience with these shoes. Most highlight the cushioning and comfort they enjoy thought-out the day as a major plus. 

Reviewers appreciate that these boots are broken in upon arrival and are extremely lightweight. With this in mind, most slip them on for a first full day, and it becomes the favorite choice of Timberland Pro boots for many. 

Best Uses for Timberland Pro Boots

Certain men’s Timberland Pro boots designs are better suited to different jobs. While the 50507 Titan design makes for versatile shoes, these are the jobs that we find are best suited for this pair based on our Timberland Pro boots review research:

  • Indoor work
  • Factory jobs
  • Electrical projects
  • Work on uncertain terrain
  • Ladder usage
  • Agricultural work
  • Jobs with hazards like oil due to oil resistance
  • Jobs with slippery surfaces
  • Work in hot, mild, and cool weather

Verdict: Timberland Pro Work Boots

Based on our research, we know that these Titan 6″ Timberland Pro comp toe boots could be the perfect addition to many people’s daily work. With extra cushioning and support for comfort, a high level of safety excellence, and durable materials that will last many years to come, you can’t go wrong. 

Stay safe and comfortable at work with the 50507 Titan 6″ Timberland Pro work boots. Check prices and get the best deal on your Timberland Pro boots