Electrical Training at CITC Bellevue 

Are you looking for a technical career that includes on-the-job training and provides an opportunity to grow in the field? The apprenticeship programs at CITC Bellevue provide formal, OJT training without the high costs of tuition. 

These two-year programs are paired with classes in Washington that help first-year students begin their careers before graduation and offer advancement opportunities for upper-level journeymen. 

Below are the three electrical training classes in Washington offered at CITC. 

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Commercial Inside Wireman

Students in the commercial inside wireman apprenticeship program will need to complete 8,000 on-the-job training hours and 800 classroom training hours (RSI). Apprentices will learn how to install, maintain, and repair a variety of electrical wiring, equipment, and fixtures according to standard codes given during OJT. 

This first-year program covers the basics in several electrical training classes, so apprentices can succeed as they progress through the levels of journeymen. 

Residential Wireman 

Residential electrician apprentices will learn how to install electrical wiring and diagnose problems in family residences or install lights and outlets in new-home construction sites. This program requires every electrical trainee to complete 4,000 OJT hours and 400 RSI hours. 

Work as a residential wireman will also include inspecting circuit breakers, repairing and replacing wiring, and using hand or power tools to repair fixtures and equipment. 

Low Voltage 

The low voltage apprentices learn how to install, handle, repair, and replace systems and equipment under 50 volts. This includes protective signaling systems (firearms), communications systems (intercoms), and specialized control systems (HVAC). These are examples of the systems students will be working with on the job.

Apprentices will also become familiar with reading blueprints and diagrams and a variety of testing devices. 

Low energy and sound and communication technician electrical trainees are required to complete 4,800 hours of OJT training and 200 hours of RSI per year up to 601.5 to finish the program. 

Considering Applying Now

If any of these apprenticeship programs sound interesting to you, we recommend reaching out to their training  department for answers to your questions. However, we can assure you that you’re in good hands for a career in electrical training at CITC Bellvue. Electrical programs offer paid OJT, so students can focus on their careers as they learn from experienced journey-level workers. 

However, remember that there are no shortcuts when it comes to putting in the hours required to become licensed. Becoming a licensed electrician in the state of Washington requires at least four years of education and OJT through a qualifying state program. So, make sure you’re dedicated to your CITC electrical training classes in Washington before applying.

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